No Stopping Fullstop!

The quick and the dead
The quick and the dead

Last night’s Fight Night attracted some new faces to the Potato Farm.  Scavengers hiked over the sands of the Great Fissure from the Chaoseum to Hambone Slash to watch and participate in the ultimate test of dexterity and combat skill ((and lag gymnastics)).  By the end of the evening’s fights, Aposiopesis Fullstop emerged victorious again!  Perhaps this is the beginning of a winning streak for the Trade Post Guard?

Last night’s contenders were Raze Repine, Leovinus Skytower, VoidTraveler Seetan, Aposiopesis Fullstop, Monofio Pinion, Isambard Portsmouth, Aki Shichiroji, and Mollyblue Etchegaray.

Raze versus Mollyblue – Winner: Raze
Leovinus versus Aki – Winner: Leovinus
Isambard versus VoidTraveler – Winner: Isambard
Aposiopesis versus Monofio – Winner: Aposiopesis

Aki versus Mollyblue – Winner: Aki
VoidTraveler versus Monofio – Winner: VoidTraveler
Aki versus VoidTraveler – Winner: Aki

Raze versus Leovinus – Winner: Raze
Isambard versus Aposiopesis – Winner: Aposiopesis

Aposiopesis versus Raze versus Aki

FIRST PLACE: Aposiopesis Fullstop
Second Place: Raze Repine
Third Place: Aki Shichiroji

Movie Night at Burnt Oak
Movie Night at Burnt Oak

Afterwards, some of the fighters climbed into scrappy vehicles and Giuseppe Spicoli’s B-Movie Bus and headed north to the Burnt Oak Drive-In Theater.  They licked their wounds and bruises and while trying to wrap their heads around a strange old-world moving picture show named Abraxus: Guardian of the Universe.  The images flickered on the tattered big screen before them in the dim light of our shattered world.

((NOTE:  Movie Night is hosted by Giuseppe Spicoli every Saturday night beginning at approximately 5:00 PM PST/SLT in Burnt Oak))