Wastelands Market Report [09-14-09]

Salvage lines the tables of the Trade Post
Salvage lines the tables of the Trade Post

So many things have happened in the last few moon cycles. The salvage masheens being broken, conflict over the Fire Crystal, and then a scarcity of the boxes we seek for goods and trade.  Many are uncertain of the use, if any, or the value of the items we find now, or have hidden away in a cave or locker.

For many folk, direct barter is still the favored way to exchange goods.  They get to know and trust each other, and have an idea of what is in demand.  For others, there have always been salvage markets.  Some are well-established trading outlets and some are quite new.  These markets all use a strange currency of exchange apart from the actual salvage…some call it “scrip”, some “chips”, or other terms. Luckily, the units are equal in value from market to market, although the prices of items rise and fall.

((EDITOR’S NOTE:  We will be using various “slang” terms chosen and used by the traders and players as an alternative reference to Linden Dollars or L$.  As of this date, no official In-Character RP term for this has been chosen.))

For this reason, I am going to try to do a weekly comparison of the going rates among these marketplaces.  I will check the three markets that I know are active:

* Wankerstein Clapsaddle’s General Stoar in the Great Fissure
* Dawnevea Destiny’s Bunker in Fort Stygian
* the Trade Post in Kronbelt

In the future, I will also include the Vile Sun Warehouse, managed by Sandling Honey, and Dassina Andel’s Emporium((Editor’s Note:  If there are other trading market outlets that the Press is not aware of but wish to participate in future reports, please contact Patrice Cournoyer to be included in her research.))

I will also provide a general market commentary, based on comments and encouraged feedback from traders. I plan to do selected items. This list may grow and change over time. I begin with three common items traded frequently: Nuts and Bolts, Roll of tape and Iron Scrap. Following this, I will note four items less easily acquired: Pistol Barrel, CO2 Canister, Rope and Lumber. Finally, I will include a weapon, changed each week… so far I have only seen one for sale, by one dealer, at the Trade Post.

Wasteland Market prices (for
the week of Aug 30 – Sept 5, 2009 – Average)
General Stoar Bunker Trade Post
Nuts and Bolts 50 40 n/a
Roll of tape 45 n/a n/a
Iron Scrap 95 n/a n/a
Pistol Barrel n/a 75 85
CO2 Canister n/a n/a 85
Rope 75 n/a n/a
Lumber 85 n/a n/a
Bullets n/a n/a n/a
Hunters Rifle 1500
Wasteland Market prices (for
the week of Sept 6 – Sept 12, 2009 – Average)
General Stoar Bunker Trade Post
Nuts and Bolts 45 45 n/a
Roll of tape 45 n/a n/a
Iron Scrap 95 95 n/a
Pistol Barrel 80 n/a 75
CO2 Canister n/a n/a n/a
Rope 75 75 65
Lumber 85 n/a n/a
Bullets n/a 400 300

The shelves are still thinly stocked, compared with times before the salvage masheens broke.  Many items are available only in one location, and for a short time.  It seems that folks are hanging on to what they find, waiting to figure out their use and value.