War Zone – July 2, 2011

Left to right: KittyKat Borkotron, Casey Kroitschov, Ironblood Mechanique, Masaka Miliandrovic (Photo by Aki Shichiroji)

Team 2 won this War Zone and was comprised of KittyKat Borkotron (captain), Ironblood Mechanique, Masaka Miliandrovic, and Casey Kroitschov.  On a particularly impressive note, they won without using ANY guns and they relied on evasive tactics while disrupting the other team’s rifleman.  A very competitive and fun War Zone for everyone involved where the winners were decided by mere seconds.

Experimental jump inhibitors were used and a limitation of one rifle was placed on each team.

((War Zone is typically held on the fourth or last Saturday of every month at 3PM SLT/PDT in Hambone Slash. – S.K.))