Salvaged Columnist

The requirements and benefits for a Salvaged Columnist are identical to those for a Salvaged Journalist.  The differences are as follows:

1. Salvaged Columnists are not full-time members of the Press.  Part-time only.

2.  Columnists are primarily members of other already established RP Groups.  For RP Group-related events (such as Warzone) they will participate only within their primary RP group, not with the Press.

3. Columnists will have at least 1 but no more than 2 articles published in any in-world Issue of the Salvaged Times.  Frequent posting to the blog will be moderated and restricted.  If you wish to contribute or write more often, you’ll have to consider joining the Press full-time.

4. At least one of the articles written by Columnists will be a recurring theme or topic.  So choose a topic that you believe will yield some mileage in the long run.  Consult with Sandusky on any ideas you have for a regular column or if you need help in coming up with an idea but are eager to contribute.