Submission Guidelines

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Only Press Staff (Editors, Journalists, Columnists, Paparazzi) will publish posts on the blog.  Instructions will be made available to staff.  A draft of your post will need to be saved for review by the Editors prior to publication.  All others interested in submitting to the Press, see below.

For Major and Minor RP Stories, please submit articles/posts containing no more than 500-600 words. Journalists will consult with the Editors in-world prior to posting.

For Minor RP Stories, please submit posts no more than 250-300 words and no more than once a day. No multi-chapter storylines appearing all at once. All Minor RP Stories must follow the RP Guidelines and RP History. All posts will be reviewed by the Editors and Devs prior to posting. We will make our best effort to turn-around the review process as soon as possible with comments for revision or if approved, sending your post on its way for publication.

Every Post should be organized under a Category. Currently there are five:

IC News (In-Character)
OOC News (Out Of Character)

Every Post should be tagged appropriately for subject matter. For a light-hearted example, if a Minor RP story detailed the following events: Scavenger Peatmoss and his gang of Bog-boys defended the Kronbelt Trade Post from an organized raid by a large band of Rusty Nail mutants led by Grog-burp. The attack was sparked by a strange discussion over the best looking shoulderpads. Embedded Journalist, Weasle, was there to help the Trade Post and wrote about the attack afterwards.

Weasle’s article would need to be tagged first and foremost with Minor RP Story, then tags for Kronbelt, the Trade Post, the Rusty Nails, Bog-boys, Peatmoss, Grog-burp, and probably shoulderpads. A second article by Weasle would be necessary to debate the fashionable merits of the disputed shoulderpads for the Fashion category.