Salvaged Journalist

Interested in writing for the Post-Apocalyptic Press?

First, you must be a resident of the Wastelands or a member of the Ruin Nation RP Group and have been hanging out/interacting/getting to know how things are in the Wastelands for at least a 2 months before being considered to join the Press. Also, please read The Goals and Submission Guidelines to understand what type of stories we’re looking for.

Second, either show me a recent example of your writing or prepare a very brief (no more than 250-300 words) essay about an aspect of the Wastelands (a build or person) that you believe is noteworthy or inspiring for its contribution to the Wastelands environtment. Keep it focused. No need to write a novel. We just need a peek at your writing skills. Please take the time to spell-check before submitting the notecard to Sandusky Kayvon.

Things we’re looking for in a Salvaged Journalist:
1. A skill for detailed, direct, and descriptive language but not too verbose. I’m already guilty of that habit, we don’t need another writer plagued with the same problem.

2. Research, research, research. Don’t be afraid to approach the character or builder and ask them questions. Whether you wish to approach them in-character or not is up to you. In-character can be fun. Out-of-character is just as acceptable also but keep in mind you will be writing stories that will be in-character for the most part.

3. Understand that Wastelands RP is very casual and typically low-key and quiet. There’s not always something happening. That may change in the future who knows. Although we do expect dedication from our staff when the time comes to put together an issue, we know not everyone has the same patience or attention span. So if at somepoint you get bored or for whatever reason wish to leave the Post-Apocalyptic Press, please feel free to let us know. We’ll understand and we won’t be offended.

BENEFITS (or “What’s in it for me?”)
A free advance copy of the Times prior to release and a set payment for each article used for the Times.  It won’t be much but then the Paper doesn’t make much either.  Sales go toward paying our staff, paying the publication’s upload costs, and the remainder is merely a fraction of the rent.  The Salvaged Times is essentially a community service, so don’t expect profit.