Salvaged Snitch

Ah, the Snitch. The Informant. The Rat.

They are the bread and butter of any good journalist seeking to uncover closely guarded secrets of the various factions, tribes, and clans of the Wasteland. theirs is not a glamorous role, nor one to be broadcasted for all to know, unless a snitch wants to meet a quick death.

This is a new concept i’ve introduced for the Post-Apocalyptic Press.  Maybe it will pan out into something interesting..maybe it won’t.  In the end, it still relies on the RP initiative of the residents and gamers to make things happen for us to write about in the first place.  Nonetheless, i hope it might inrigue the sly nature of some Wastelanders.

Interested?  Here’s some thoughts i’ve had about how the role could be played but i’m very open to suggestions. 

SALVAGED SNITCH is not an official role in the Post Apocalyptic Press and there may be variants (see below).
“Anonymous” tips may be left in the mailbox at the Press building in the Wastelands.



EMBEDDED SNITCH- this may appeal to someone already in an established RP Group.
1. The Embedded Snitch may be someone chosen or agreed upon by the RP Group while Out Of Character.  If so, that means the Group must RP In-Character properly, sharing things normally with the Snitch as they would with any other member.  This might also help better communicate and coordinate news of RP events and intentions with the Press.  It’s not my intention for the Press to be intrusive or disrespectful of other Groups and their plans.  I’d like the Press to be a resource, not an obstacle.  Group Leaders please contact me OOC if you have a chosen snitch and we’ll coordinate our efforts!

2.  A Secret Embedded Snitch, truly unknown to the rest of his Group can squeal as much as they like to a Journalist.  Take note:  I will contact the Group Leader OOC about what we’ve been told to verify that it won’t demolish something they have planned.  This requires fair, flexible, and reasonable cooperation on the part of the Group Leaders.  I won’t share the identity of the Snitch under any circumstances because that may lead to drama that i want no part of.  Rest assured if the Snitch proves unreliable, i’ll deal with it and they won’t be used again.  The point of double-checking with the Group Leader is to determine and decide just how much is revealed in order to HELP the RP plans, not HINDER them. 

Journalists who recieve tips from an Embedded Snitch, discuss it directly with me and we’ll decide with the Group Leader if it’s appropriate or not.  As i said before, i want the Press to help RP Groups create RP situations and stories, not destroy them.

    LONE WATCHER- this snitch type may appeal to the lone wanderers of the Wastelands.  They may not have a sworn allegiance to any Group but they interact with one or more regularly for whatever reason.  They may overhear something In-Character or hear a clue about something and tell a Journalist about it.  The Lone Observer may choose to look into it further at his own risk.  Upon recieving the tip, the Journalist may officially follow up and see what he/she can find out.
    NOTE:  Hearing about something while Out Of Character does not count as eavesdropping

ALL Snitches must be reliable, mature, and responsible role-players. 
No false or petty information please. 
I will not publish a false story angering a RP Group or spoils everything about a RP story meant to be mysterious or surprising.  As i state above, i’ll be double-checking with the Group Leaders regardless, so the Press will quickly learn if you’re reliable or not. 
Let’s play nice and not create unecessary SL drama.  I won’t stand for nor entertain it.  The Salvaged Times must be something constructive for the community, not destructive.

If acting alone, the Snitch controls how much information he is comfortable sharing with the Press in order to maintain his anonymity.

Snitches must try to find a member of the Press while in the sims to arrange a meeting and exchange information. 
If a journalist can’t be found, initial contact may be done via IM to arrange a meeting place, but i strongly encourage actual exchange of information be done In-Character in the Wastelands, not in IM’s. 
Play the role!  Find a spot to meet and talk suspiciously and run the risk of being spotted or interrupted!  :D 
It may seem like a tedious thing to do but if you truly want to roleplay the Snitch to any degree, i hope you’ll be up for it and i encourage our Journalists to do so also.

Journalists must keep their Snitch a secret except from me for the sake of RP moderation.  IC-Sandusky will not know the snitch identity but Dev-Sandusky certainly will.  Snitches should try to avoid suspicion and cover their tracks.

Starting payment:  Common (and useful) salvage.  Journalists will need to have salvage on hand to pay the Snitch.  Proven and reliable information will yield another reward of salvage for your efforts in future dealings.  Its value will be determined at our discretion by the value of the info and the story it produces.
Journalists will be recompensated for payments on unreliable tips.
Unreliable snitches will never get salvage from the Press again.