Although our publication rate in-world is infrequent (paper and ink being hard to come by in our decimated world), the Press welcomes interested writers wishing to contribute. However there are a few things we ask prospective writers to keep in mind:

1. The Press, the blog, and its publication, The Salvaged Times, serve to provide a record of the history of the Wastelands as it evolves and grows. The Blog will serve to keep residents and gamers aware of current RP stories, hints, and rumors. The Salvaged Times will gather and document the most notable events, IC and OOC. Suitable Blog content (chosen at the editor’s descretion) may be expanded or detailed for publication in the Salvaged Times.

2. All articles (unless otherwise noted) must be written in-character and correspond with the currently established RP and history of the Wastelands outlined by the wiki website.
RP Guidelines
RP History
Exceptions to this rule can be discussed with the editors, but usually these are reserved to interviews with Neo or the Devs regarding sim or game system developments.

3. Writers for the Press do not write about their own characters. We write about others and events outside of ourselves that have a constructive impact on the community. The Times is not a platform for someone to tell their own story. In the past, we have allowed only one well-chosen exception to this (Isambard’s Memory Dump) in order to have one well-written, personal and observational account of his experience of the Wastelands.

4. The topics we typically focus upon are outlined in the Category and Tag Outline of the Submissions Guidelines.