Salvaged Paparazzi

The Post Apocalyptic Press will accept talented SL photographers with a good eye for perspective, composition, and lighting. Interested individuals should be an ACTIVE member of the community, either a resident or member of the Ruin Nation: Official Wastelands RP group for at least 2 months.

1. NO PHOTOSHOP OR EQUIVALENT PHOTO-EDITING. We want raw in-world photos using SL’s rendering tools because they’re easier to work with in the newspaper layout.  A good photographer’s skills will show without relying on such photo-editing programs except in special circumstances.

2.  As mentioned earlier, your snapshots must show skilled evidence of the following:
    a. Perspective (depth, foreground, background, etc)
    b. Composition (the arrangement of figures, objects, and space within the photo)
    c. Lighting (utilizing SL’s natural lighting but also knowing when to use artifical lighting/local light sources for a nighttime photo to pick up shadows.  Night photos without additional lighting are typically too dark for publication.)
    d. Color (recognizing basic color contrasts and compliments)
    e. Timing (an attentive eye to what’s going on around you, patience, and yes…luck.)

3. Either send us 3 of your best snapshots in the Wastelands or give us a link to a photostream you have (like flickr) for our review.

BENEFITS (or “What’s in it for me?”)
A free advance copy of the Times prior to release and a set payment for each snapshot we choose to use for a publication.  It won’t be much but then the Paper doesn’t make much either.  Sales go toward paying our staff, paying the publication’s upload costs, and the remainder is merely a fraction of the rent.  The Salvaged Times is essentially a community service, so don’t expect profit.