Category and Tag Outline

NOTE: The Outline below details the primary structure intended for categories and tags related to those categories. As described earlier, additional tags can be made for a post regarding its subject matter and topics. Regardless, please follow the outline below for the initial organization of your post.

Tag: Major RP Storylines/Events
– From Salvaged Journalists
– events affecting all sims
– event affecting one sim
– dev-sponsored
– resident sponsored/dev-approved
Tag: Minor RP Storylines
– From Salvaged Journalists or Columnists
– Tales told or submitted to Salvaged Journalists by Wasteland Roleplayers
Tag: RP Rumors/Hints
– info from snitches or other sources
Tag: New sims/Sim Name
– barren sim exploration and settlement expansion
Tag: Mean Streets
– combat commentary (weapons, armor, tactics)
– interviews/profiles of groups/tribes/etc
Tag: The Shooting Gallery
– interview/profile of resident/gamer that stands-out
– unique avatar/appearance
– unique contribution to the community
Tag: Letters to the Press
– In character responses from Wasteland RPers submitted to the Press mailbox (moderated)

Tag: Game Update
Tag: Current Sim Developments/Sim Name
Tag: New Sim Developments/Sim Name
– From Salvaged Editors, Devs, and Barren Sim owners only

Tags: Fight Night, Warzone, Cabeza Muerta
– From Salvaged Journalists

Tags: Taunt The Mutant, Match Game, Movie Night, Concerts, DJ Spins
– From Salvaged Journalists documenting game winners, movie night showings, concert performers (typically Redzone!), and DJ Setlists

Tags: “Content Creator” and “Brand Name/Product Line”
Example: “Cutea Benelli” and “Grim Bros.”
– Reviews from Salvaged Journalists
– New Products by Wasteland vendors. Submitted to the Editors for review prior to publication.
– Actual residency and notable participation in the sims required. No leased vendors. No absent landowners that we’ve never seen other than the day you bought your land and dropped your shop.