Words of War

Last Saturday evening, scavengers gathered about the Potato Farm to see which factions would assemble for War Zone.  Although some Scarabs and Teeth Grinders appeared, their numbers were slightly insufficient to participate.  The Trade Post and the Post-Apocalyptic Press were on hand, however, for the best two-out-of-three endurance bouts of Carry the Flag.

An endurance match of Carry the Flag, one of the various War Zone games, consists of at least two Wastelands factions represented by at least three members.  The factions compete in combat for possession of a flaming Wastelands flag.  The metal man, NeoBokrug Elytis, places the flag in the arena’s center and strikes the buzzer.  Its resounding squawk opens the gates and the groups rush in to snatch the flag, fighting their way out and into the dunes of Hambone Slash.  Whichever group survives to maintain the longest possession during a set time frame wins the match.  At the end of all War Zone rounds, the group with the most success receives a sizeable platter of med kits, ammunition, and two Boards with Nails, a very rare weapon.

Teeth Grinders observe the mayhem
Teeth Grinders observe the mayhem (photo by Cutea Benelli)

Representing the Trade Post last night was the Diesel Queen, Mollyblue Etchegaray, and two of the trusted Trade Post guards, Aposiopesis Fullstop and aston Leisen.  The Post-Apocalyptic Press was represented by its two Salvaged Editors, Aki Shichiroji and myself, in addition to one of our Salvaged Paparazzi, theblackcloud Oh.

The first round was dominated by the Press when theblackcloud Oh snatched the flag and squeaked out of the Arena, scampering across the sand with the Trade Post in hot pursuit.  Although they dogged her trail like hungry hounds, she never succumbed to their bullets or let them steal the flag away during the entire match.

The Trade Post at WarZone (Photo by Aposiopesis Fullstop)
The Trade Post, L to R: Aposiopesis, Mollyblue, aston (Photo by Aposiopesis Fullstop)

The second round of Capture the Flag took an ominous turn when several mysterious Robed Figures appeared in the region.  Wastelanders have previously glimpsed these strange nomads, heavily cloaked with faces hidden behind dark gas-masks.  Their weapons are varied and deadly and if attacked, they’ve shown uncanny teamwork to come to one another’s aid.

Regardless, The Press and the Post rushed into the Arena at the sound of the buzzer.  Aposiopesis took charge of the flag, striking off across the deadly desert dunes.  Gunfire rolled thru the air from rippers and hunter rifles.  The Press and Post took heavy losses at the start as combatants fell quickly this round.  I was lucky to snipe Apo on the dunes and snatch the flag despite heavy bleeding from aston’s well-aimed barrage of bullets.  Both groups scrambled to recover from their wounds but luck was on the side of the Press for the remainder of the match.  Surprisingly, no one managed to strike any of the Robed Figures which suggests both teams exercised strategic caution whenever one of the strange beings appeared over a dune.

So for once, the Post-Apocalyptic Press didn’t just report the news, we were the news of the day by winning War Zone!  For those that showed up without enough troops, track down your members, whip them into shape, and drag their sorry hides to Hambone Slash in two weeks!

Post-Apocalyptic Press, L to R: Sandusky, Aki, theblackcloud (Photo by theblackcloud Oh)
Post-Apocalyptic Press, L to R: Sandusky, Aki, theblackcloud (Photo by theblackcloud Oh)