One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

This weekend played host to a short Fight Night session, as only six contestants rose to the challenge of duking it out for cash prizes.

Patrice Cournoyer, Psycho Baroque, Dawneva Destiny, Raze Repine, Agustsa Jun and Diamanda Gustafson were present as the point-determinate game began. Diamanda and Patrice started things off, knife versus knife, wetting the arena floor early with poison and blood from both sides. Patrice hit spikes early and ran in to more difficulty with mine and spike traps, leading to Diamanda’s eventual victory.  Psycho was paired with Agustsa, fighting with ripper and rattlesnake, respectively.  Having mines and getting stuck on parts of the arena to contend with, Pyscho lost to Agusta’s poisonous rattlesnake amidst avoiding more damage.  Raze and Dawnevea valiantly fought knife to knife on an arena floor riddled with mines, each avoiding severe difficulties until Raze was finally able to take Dawnevea down.

A second round of matches were played to determine who would go on to the third – Patrice and Agusta bared knife and rattlesnake against eachother on the spike and gas-riddled ‘Hurt and Healing’ map.  As Patrice suffered from an excess of poison, Agustsa gained two points upon her loss.  Psycho and Raze gingerly navigated these traps with limited success, board with nails meeting knife.  After a long fight, Raze was able to corner Psycho while surrounded by spikes to take him down, gaining his second point of the evening.  Lastly, Dawnevea and Diamanda fought knife to knife, blooding eachother early, though Diamanda falling quickly, allowing Dawnevea to gain a point.

With Diamanda and Dawn tied one to one pointwise, they were pitted  against eachother again for a rematch to determine whom would progress to the final round.  Suffering from severe lag issues, Diamanda fell early and Dawn progressed to the third round.

The final contestants faced more mines as the tiles of the arena floor were moved to form the configuration known as ‘Love is a Minefield’.  Again, the buzzer sounded, pitting Raze, Agustsa and Dawnevea together in a fight for the top prize.  Agustsa and Dawnevea focused on eachother early on, but began to switch as the match progressed, focusing shifting to Raze.  Hiding in a trap while Agustsa and Dawn fought overhead, Raze was able to stay alert as Dawnevea took down Agustsa and his tainted rattlesnake.  This did not prevent him, however, from being killed shortly after he re-emerged by Dawnevea, who returned to snuff him out and claim her prize.

Cash prizes of L$1000, L$500, and L$250 were respectfully awarded to the top three fighters, Dawnevea, Raze and Agustsa.

This weeks winner, Dawnevea.
This week's winner, Dawnevea Destiny

(( Fight Night is held at the Potato Farm every other Saturday at 3PM PDT.))

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