Fight Night – July 11, 2009

(( Due to low attendance, War Zone for July 4 was cancelled for this month. ))

Fight Night last Saturday saw the following combatants battling it up for the weekly prizes:  Malice Shepherd, CCindy Pfeffer, Patrice Cournoyer, Aposiopesis Fullstop, Dawnevea Destiny, Diamanda Gustafson, Agustsa Jun and SerialPsychoKiller Mothman.

Round One started out pitting Malice against CCindy on ‘Love is a Battlefield’.  Both fought with knives and made good use of them, deftly avoiding traps throughout the match, CCindy coming out on top.  Next, Patrice and Aposiopesis fought with board with nails on the ‘Saw Edge’ map. Both drawing blood numerous times, Aposiopesis coming out the winner.  On the ‘Inner Circle’ map, Dawnevea was pitted against Diamanda, knife to knife.  This fight moved around the map somewhat, ending in a pit as Dawnevea took Diamanda down quickly.  Agustsa and newcomer SerialPsychoKiller fought on the ‘Sumo’ map, board with nails versus rattler. A bit of blood and poison flowed on both sides and the match seemed rather lengthy as the two chased eachother around many pits and traps, but Agustsa was able to hold out as SerialPsychoKiller finally expired in a pit.

Redemption rounds found Malice succeeding over Patrice knife versus ripper on the Sumo map. Diamanda and SerialPsychoKiller had a go at eachother on ‘Mousetrap’ knife to knife, with Serial eventually dropping due to poison.  Diamanda was next pitted against Malice, fighting knife to knife.  Onlookers found poison and blood flying as the two navigated the ‘Candystore’ map, Diamanda eventually winning out.

Round Two found CCindy fighting Aposiopesis on the intimidating ‘Eye of the Storm’ map.  Starting out with a rifle, CCindy attempted to get around the various difficulties presented by this map’s heavy enslaught of traps.  Faced with the rapidly approaching Aposiopesis and backing in to some stray saw edges, CCindy switched to a knife mid-fight.  Both fighters sustained some mine damage, but CCindy appeared to be affected most, as she fell allowing Aposiopesis to advance.

Next, Dawnevea fought against Agustsa rattler to board with nails on the spike-laden ‘Spiderweb’ map.  Both fought fast and furious, spike damage on Agustsa early on, as well as much poisonous and healing gas, triggered in an attempt to heal and shake off Dawnevea amidst the traps.  When it seemed Agustsa was likely poisoned beyond all repair, Dawnevea suddenly fell – leaving Agustsa the winner – but with Agustsa falling very shortly afterward.

Finally, the three finalists, Diamanda, Agustsa and Aposiopesis confronted each other on ‘The Middle’ map, Diamanda with a knife, Agustsa and Aposiopesis each with boards with nails.  After several confrontations between Diamanda and Agustsa, Aposiopesis fell first.  A subsequent chase between Agustsa and Diamanda found Agustsa severely poisoned by various traps and falling first, leaving Diamanda with an unexpected victory in the final round.

Fight Night winners, July 10, 2009

(( Fight Nights are held on the second, third, and fourth Saturdays of each  month in at the Potato Farm, Hambone Slash, The Wastelands. ))