Aposiopesis for the win, Fight Night August 22.

This week, Dragnar Drake, Paytrok Ghost, Pirate Graves, Agustsa Jun, Psycho Baroque, Aposiopesis Fullstop, VoidTraveller Seetan and newcomer Clarington MacIntyre converged upon the Potato Farm for a chance to win a share of the cash prize offered.

Round one found Dragnar Drake fighting Patrok on the ‘Candystore’ map.  Facing off board with nails against crowbill, Dragnar led a chase around and about the numerous mines, running in to his fair share and dropping early, allowing Paytrok to advance to the second round.  Next, Pirate fought Agustsa pipe versus board with nails on the ‘One-Sided‘ map. Both avoided the east side of the map, dealing eachother significant damage until Pirate cast a final blow to Agustsa, winning the match.  Psycho and Aposiopesis faced off on ‘The Gap’ map, both with boards with nails, dealing much damage to each other before Psycho pulled a ripper pistol mid-match in an attempt to get a better hand on the situation. His gambit proved successful, as Aposiopesis fell shortly thereafter.  The last match of the first round involved VoidTraveller and Clarington, fighting pipe to knife on the ‘Minesweeper‘ map.  Both combatants avoided much contact with the numerous mines, however VoidTraveller managed to pin Clarington against a cell doorjamb in an attempt to finish him off. Surprisingly, his tactic failed as Clarington fought back and emerged victorious.

Redemption rounds found Dragnar fighting Agustsa on ‘Careful Steps’ rattler to board with nails.  Both avoiding and navigating the complex weave of traps, the match drew to a close as Agustsa was poisoned but was able to hold on until Dragnar fell from damage accumulated from both combat and traps.  Aposiopesis then fought Voidtraveller, board with nails against pipe on the spike-riddled ‘Prince of Persia’ map.  Both recieved their share of damage from the vicious spike traps, but Aposiopesis emerged the victor.

Fresh from their respective wins in the redemption rounds, Aposiopesis and Agustsa hacked away at each other in a corner of the Minefield map using boards with nails.  The fight was grueling, but Aposiopesis pulled a second win to secure her spot in the final match.  Next, Paytrok and Pirate fought on the mine-studded ‘Love is a Battlefield’ map, crowbill to pipe.  Paytok recieved mine damage early, but the fighters were otherwise able to avoid traps for the rest of the match.  Paytrok once again attempted to even the odds by switching to a ripper pistol mid-fight, but the close-quarters fight forced a switch back to crowbill on Patrok’s part until Pirate finally dropped.  Next, Psycho and Clarington faced off on the ‘Candystore’ map, board with nails against scavenger knife.  The match was characterized by much trap and combatevasion on Clarington’s part as Psycho chased him around the mine-riddled arena, however Clarington’s evasive tactics turned out to be his downfall as he ran in to more than a few mines and eventually succumbed to accumulated damage from combat and traps.

Finalists Aposiopesis, Paytrok and Psycho converged on the ‘Squaredance’ map, wielding board with nails, crowbill and board with nails, respectively.  Paytrok ran in to a spike early on and later, amidst much combat between all three combatants, both Psycho and Paytrok switched to ripper pistols. Psycho was the first to fall, at the hands of Aposiopesis, who shortly thereafter took down Paytrok for the win.

Fight Night, Aug 21 2009Finalists Paytrok Ghost (2), Aposiopesis Fullstop (1) and Psycho Baroque.

(( Fight Night is held on every second, third and fourth Saturday of the month at the Potato Farm, Hambone Slash, The Wastelands.  The above photo and others from this event may be found here. ))