The Weekly Pulp (1-31-10)

Hambone Slash by Makaio Stygian
Hambone Slash by Makaio Stygian

We’re now one week in to The Wastelands’ third year, and what a week it was.  Ahead are this week’s highlights of events, estate news, and RP goings-on.  If you have a project, event, or RP story arc in the works, and you’d like to spread the word, IM me in-world or simply email [email protected].

UPCOMING EVENTS: The Wastelands Public Works meeting originally scheduled for 1/30 has been postponed.  NeoBokrug Elytis intends to reschedule it for midweek, and will send out a group notice to members when the new date and time is determined.

Sharpen your weapons for this week’s Fight Night, held as always at the Arena in Hambone Slash at 3pm SLT Saturday.

Aposiopesis Fullstop will again be DJing at around 5pm SLT after Fight Night ends, at a venue to be announced.

Barring the technical difficulties that sadly canceled this week’s event, next Sunday will feature the next of Oku Ghost’s Swamp Rats Fishing Tournaments.  It will be held at The Pipe Bomb in Malady Bog, with a first place prize of L$1000 and a snazzy gold trophy, L$500 and a silver trophy for second place, and L$250 and a bronze trophy for third.  In a new development this week, the fourth and fifth place finishers will receive bait buckets!

EVENTS HIGHLIGHTS: Contrary to what I reported in last week’s Pulp, this week was host to War Zone, not Fight Night, in Hambone Slash.  Team One consisted of Cigi Sahara, Oleg Kiranov, Dassina Andel, and Corwin Bellic, who faced off against Team Two’s Tresha Gothly, Kittykat Borkotron, Pirate Graves, and Aposiopesis Fullstop.  Dassina and Pirate served as captains of their respective teams.  Both matches saw strong effort, deft maneuvering, and cunning steals as the players bounded across the dunes.  However, faced with a steep learning curve, Team Two lost both  matches to the veteran combatants of Team One.

This match meant more than a couple ticks in a Win/Loss column, however — it will most likely be the last game of War Zone played in Hambone Slash for an unknown span of time.  Special thanks go out to Makaio Stygian for creating and maintaining the Hambone Slash sim.  Its deceptively-simple appearance brought out many different strategies from players, whether they took the Pipeline and ran over the heads of their foes, tried to trip others up on the slippery rocks of the Quarry, sought the high ground on its adjacent Hill, or found refuge on rooftops or in the basements of the Garrisons.  Ardent fans of this mass bloodshed may not be out of luck, however — it’s possible that War Zone will be reconfigured, and may return in some form soon.

PROJECTS: Dassina Andel still seeks contributions to and assistance with her Wastelands Gladiators modular obstacle course.  Full details can be found in this forum post.

ESTATE NEWS: NeoBokrug Elytis is still weighing the pros and cons of telehub routing, and looking for community input.  The experiment continues! Read the discussion so far and have your say in this Forum thread.

Work continues to make Hambone Slash ready to rent!  Much of the infrastructure is already completed, and tier meters will soon be set up.  These new plots will be exempt from the Free Move Program for two months, however, so if you want to own a lovely little hovel with a scenic view of the Pipeline, you’ll have to buy that land directly.  While the Sandbox will no longer be available, the current features like the Quarry and Garrisons — and, of course, the Arena — won’t be going anywhere.  Also, by popular demand smaller plots of land will be on offer at a weekly price of around L$420.  See this thread for more details.

Despite recent drama, Neo simply wants to remind everyone who plays the games to do so fairly, and to remind everyone in general to keep the good spirit of the community alive.

RP NAMEDROPS: Remnants of the Lost Tribe have banded together as the Lost Outcasts. Rumor says that Nab Seubert now serves as captain.

Corwin Bellic serves as Captain of a different group — the Wastelands Pirates have returned from a long absence, and have put together a compound on the south road of the Wastelands.

The venerable Wankerstein Clapsaddle has rebuilt his General Stoar alongside the Great Fissure — now featuring an upstairs bar.  A “help wantid” sign has been posted by the door, for those who seek to give him a hand.

Not far away, a few more rough tents can be found in the already-mentioned Shady Drifters’ Camp. There is an interesting ledger left unattended in one of them….