The Weekly Pulp (02-22-10)

UPCOMING EVENTS: The second informational session for NeoBokrug Elytis’ Pathfinder pen-and-paper roleplaying group was delayed, and will now take place this coming Saturday from 10am SLT to 2pm SLT in Hambone Slash.  This week will focus on character creation and more detailed information.  Again, confirmed players should have their Core Rulebook on hand, and can feel free to take a crack at character creation before the session begins.  There is still room for standby players to get their foot in the door, however!   Show up to the session, or see the linked forum thread for more information.

Fight Night again returns to the Hambone Slash Arena at 3pm for another healthy dose of ridiculous brutality.

Thereafter, a Wastelands Public Works meeting will be held in Fort Stygian, at approximately 4pm SLT.  Since it also was postponed last week, there may be a lot to catch up on!

Yet another Movie Night has been slated for Saturday at the Burnt Oak Drive-In! Keep your eye out for an official announcement.

After everything else is said and done, Aposiopesis Fullstop will be DJing once again at  The Sledgepile owned by Syruss Constantine.

EVENTS HIGHLIGHTS: This week’s Fight Night featured an interesting new twist!  Instead of the usual one-on-one second round, there was first a five-man fight where the winner chose who to eliminate from the next round.  The remaining four contenders battled again, and the winner again chose who to oust from the competition.  The last three players fought to see who would win, who’d be second, and who’d fall first and take third.  Malice Shepherd won first place this week, with VoidTraveller Seetan in second place and Syruss Constantine in third.  All of the finalists eagerly chose their rewards in the form of special WL: Hearts.

Giuseppe Spicoli returned on Saturday to his post as Projectionist of the Burnt Oak Drive-In, where he inflicted the insane Japanese comedy “Detroit Metal City” upon his waiting viewers.  DMC is the story of  a quailing manchild musician who loved nothing more than sentimental love songs — nothing, perhaps, but the girl of his dreams.  However, he finds himself manipulated by a callous boss into becoming the snarling, hulking lead singer of a death metal band that sings of murder, mayhem, and rape, and must find some way to reconcile his dual-lives.

After the movie, DJ Aposiopesis Fullstop perched on the billboard over Syruss Constantine’s Sledgepile for another entirely-too-long set of music.

ESTATE NEWS: Hambone Slash plots are still available for rent!  See this Forum thread for more information, consult the Land Store to see what’s available, or IM or email NeoBokrug Elytis with any questions or comments.

NeoBokrug Elytis is still working away on the new recipes, items, and other surprises for the Wastelands game system.

RP NAME-DROPS: The Pirates have been seen out in force recently, rarely stopping in their scavenging rounds and clashing at least once with the Lost Outcasts.  A simple scuffle, or a brewing rivalry?