The Weekly Pulp (2-28-10)

The Land Token on display at the Rusty Wrench
The Land Token on display at the Rusty Wrench

Better late than never, here’s this week’s installment of Wastelands event reviews and previews.

UPCOMING EVENTS: For those in NeoBokrug Elytis’ Pathfinder pen-and-paper roleplaying group, this Saturday’s session will be for finalizing character creation — and running through some short scenarios!   While there are no spots left for players, spectators are more than welcome to watch the gameplay.  Thrill as a party made mainly of near-noob Gnomes tries to learn how to fight, cast, sing, and steal without killing themselves in spectacular fashion!  The session takes place this Saturday from 10am SLT to 2pm SLT by the Arena in Hambone Slash.

For those who’d rather do their fighting with a keyboard and mouse than some dice and a pencil, another vicious Fight Night will happen at the Hambone Slash Arena at 3pm.

Once all the bodies have been cleared away and all the victory photos have been taken, a Wastelands Public Works meeting will take place in Fort Stygian.

EVENTS HIGHLIGHTS: It was Ladies’ Night at Saturday’s Fight Night competition!  Females won every round, illustrating once again that behind every successful Waster woman, there’s a man or another woman — lying unconscious and bleeding profusely. Oku Ghost was the alpha female this week, earning L$1000 for her first-place victory.  Aposiopesis Fullstop came in second with a L$500 reward, and Moondoggie Iger took third place and took L$250.

The Burnt Oak Drive-In lit up once more this past Saturday as Giuseppe Spicoli subjected viewers to the 1985 slapstick comedy “Crimewave,” aka “The XYZ Murders.”  Written by the Coen brothers, directed by Sam Raimi, and featuring Bruce Campbell in a minor role,  the loose and cartoonish plot centers around a hapless nerd framed for murder.

Not long thereafter, Aposiopesis Fullstop blasted some tunes from her battered boombox at the Boat House in Burnt Oak.

PROJECTS: Inspired by some recent real-world archaeological awesomeness, the Forums are abuzz with the idea of  Wastelands-themed glyphs and symbols! Break out your favorite image editor and join in the brainstorming, or offer feedback on the various pictures that have been posted so far.

ESTATE NEWS: Some lucky resident has found the first of the newly-minted Land Tokens!  One Land Token enters the salvage spawn each month.  The finder can use it to pay tier if they already own land, or use it towards the down payment on a new patch of dirt or muck.  Or, if they’re not interested in land ownership, it can be sold off to others!

Neo is continuing work on new salvage recipes and new spawn mechanisms — along with other Wastelands game improvements.

RP NAME-DROPS: The Pirates of the Wastelands seem to have developed a rivalry with the Paw Tribe and the Pure Bloods, both based in Fort Stygian.

A Scarab flag has also been seen tacked to the Pure Bloods compound.

Meanwhile, in Malady Bog, there have been rumored sightings of strange plant life

Strange plant life...
Strange plant life...