No More War (Zone)

Last Warzone for a while :(

Neobokrug Elytis and Warzone winning team Cigi Sahara, Oleg Kiranov, Dassina Andel and Corwin Bellic survey the spoils of war.

With the strange engulfment of Bloodmoss Swamp in noxious gasses, Wastelanders found an increased need to accomodate refugees from the remote swampy settlement. As such, prior to this event, it was announced that January 30th would be the last time Wastelanders would be allowed to use the deserted lands around the Potato Farm for this gruelling capture-the-flag style game.  Lands surrounding the arena have since been annexed for habitation with no expected date or venue for any further War Zone activity in the near future.

Team One Team Two
Cigi Sahara
Corwin Bellic
Dassina Andel
Oleg Kiranov
Aposiopesis Fullstop
Pirate Graves
Tresha Gothly
Kittykat Borkotron

Round One
Aposiopesis started things off at the sound of the arena siren by swiftly snatching up the flag and heading north-west towards the pipeline, closely followed by Dassina and Cigi. After a short time, Aposiopesis headed back east and passed the flag off to teammate Pirate, who took the flag southwest towards the south garrison, falling to Dassina’s nailgun. Cigi took the opportunity to grab the flag and head northward, backed up by Dassina and distantly by Oleg Kiranov. Cigi’s journey took her southward back to the Southern Garrison once again, however she fell from radiation poisoning shortly after passing the old structure. Teammate Oleg Kiranov took up the flag and headed back north around the great hill, flanked by Dassina, but met up with Pirate as he made his way eastward, accompanied by Tresha. Fortunately, teammate Corwin Bellic was able to take Pirate down with a kidney-burster, with Dassina backing him up with a nail-gun. Oleg took the flag back towards the Potato Farm. Heading back west toward the southern Garrison, the flag was stolen by Aposiopesis for a short while until she passed it to Kittykat Borkotron near the arena. Dassina Andel also took advantage of the pause in action, stealing the flag just as quickly from KittyKat and making her way northward and cutting back west closer to the pipeline, distantly followed by Cigi, Tresha and Kittykat. Heading back south around the pond, Aposiopesis briefly stole the flag, but lost it as Dassina regained it and headed east towards the Potato Farm, where the ten minute match concluded.

Team One was found to have held the flag for the longest time.

Round Two

Aposiopesis was again able to pick up the flag as the round began, getting a major dose of poison gas in the process. Upon exiting the arena, she passed the flag off to Pirate, who headed westward pursued by Cigi, Oleg, Aposiopesis and Dassina. Attempting to evade pursuit, he deked east and west near the southern garrison, until Dassina was able to snatch the flag and escape north, running along the top of the pipeline and looping back around the great hill to the west and back south along the edge of the quarry, with Aposiopesis in hot pursuit and Cigi attempting to shake Aposiopesis off her teammate’s tracks.  Dassina headed back east past the Arena, picking up Corwin along the way, who also attempted to pick off Aposiopesis. By the time Dassina reached the Northern Garrison, the chase had picked up Pirate and Tresha as well. Finally, Dassina fell from radiation poisoning near the Northern Garrison and teammate Oleg picked it up, heading southeast, defending himself with a rifle and flanked by Cigi, who attempted to keep pursuant Aposiopesis, KittyKat and Tresha at bay.  Oleg managed to loop back over to the Great Hill, at which point Dassina, newly revived, joined the chase. Heading back south-west from the garrison, Aposiopesis was able to steal the flag shortly, until Dassina took it back and headed southward.  As she evaded pursuit, Aposiopesis stole the flag once again, only to lose it to Cigi who took the flag back towards the northwest, then back south with Corwin, Tresha, KittyKat and Aposiopesis in hot pursuit.  Cigi was nonetheless able to evade capture by taking the party northward  once more until the timer on the match ran out.

Team One was found to have held the flag for the longest time; holding best two out of three and as such, winning the game.

Warzone was held every first Saturday of the month in Hambone Slash, The Wastelands, Second Life. These photos and more as always, available here.

Last Warzone for a while :(