The Weekly Pulp (5-16-10)

VoidTraveler Seetan displays his reward: a Fight Night Trophy!
VoidTraveler Seetan displays his reward: a Fight Night Trophy!

After a few weeks off due to injury – no, you would not have wanted to read articles written one-handed and while addled with Vicodin – I return with this week’s edition of The Weekly Pulp!

UPCOMING EVENTS: The Pathfinder pen-and-paper roleplaying group is still going strong, and will play again this Saturday in Hambone Slash from 10am to 2pm SLT.  The last session saw the brave adventurers fighting off a horde of skeletons in a dark crypt, discovering a system of hidden tunnels, and crawling through them towards the source of manic giggling in the darkness.  Spectators are welcome to gather around the playfield as the party tries to find and dispatch a devious necromancer!

Tired of term papers and final exams? Annoyed with having to work your life away on sunny days in May?  Experiencing none of the above, but damn well wanting to see some heads bashed in anyway?  Fight Night makes everything better, whether you’re the winner, the victim, or the spectator!  3pm SLT Saturday at the Arena in Hambone Slash.

EVENTS HIGHLIGHTS: Stop me if you’ve heard this one: six girls, a ghoul, and a bipedal canine walk into a combat pit… Oh, you know how that one goes?  You must have been at last week’s Fight Night, watching its oddly-demographic’d destruction.  The ghoul VoidTraveller Seetan came out on top, followed by TheBlackCloud Oh in second and Ccindy Pfeffer in third.

In addition to the usual cash prizes of L$1000 for first, L$500 for second, and L$250 for third place, a new reward was revealed:  a sculpted figure resembling the Wastelands logo: a dirty skull wedged into an old tire with blood-red scrawls declaring the bearer a Fight Night champion, framed on the backside with a tire-iron and yellowed tusk. From here on out, Fight Night winners will receive not just the cash prize and the totem (suitable for putting on one’s turf as a Warning To Others,) but a small button-sized version that you can wear pinned to your Wastelands gear, displaying your prowess to anyone you pass (or cause to pass away) on the streets.

Due to an upcoming vacation, Apo’s Audio Atrocities is on a two-week  hiatus.  It will return, like it or not, on Saturday, June 5 (barring more injury.)

PROJECTS: The Wastelands Public Works department is still hard at work on new items, features, and textures for the community.  At the last meeting, the creators collectively decided that since everything made by the WLPW has been created exclusively for The Wastelands, it should all remain exclusive to us – meaning these textures and items should not be given away, traded, or sold.  As always, Wastelands residents can trek to the Heapkeeper’s Shack in the Junkyard, where everything created so far is available for free – just wear your Wastelander tag.

ESTATE NEWS: NeoBokrug Elytis was pleased to report that the Hambone Slash sim is half full already! Keep in mind that its initial immunity from the Free Move Program is well past,  if you’re interested in staking a claim!  If you own land in another sim and want to move to a plot in Hambone Slash, IM Neo and you can pick your new plot without having to pay the usual “down payment” of a month’s worth of tier, and without losing whatever money is left on your current tier meter!  Click the link for full details, or IM Neo to get started.

Also, this month’s Land Token is out in circulation!  Keep an eye out – they’re redeemable “for a 512, valued around L$6625,” according to Neo himself, and can be used on current tier, new tier, sold or traded to others so they can pay THEIR tier, or hoarded away to turn in at a later date.

RP NAME-DROPS: The broiling deserts of the Wastes grow even more parched as the mid-year approaches.  If past times hold true, a lot of new faces will be arriving in these parts soon.  Some may be weary wanderers from far-flung parts who first set forth a few moons ago, as soon the nights were no longer bone-cold.  Some may be familiar folk who hole up elsewhere at year’s end.  And some may just be passing on through.   This reporter’s heard nothing of new clans staking a claim so far, but eyes and ears are out.