Fight Night – October 23, 2010

Fight Night - October 23 2010

Finalists theblackcloud Oh (2), Tokiko Tigerpaw (3), Dassina Andel (1).

This week, fighters tested out the newly installed map maker, thanks to Neobokrug Elytis. Fighters and audience members alike were invited to submit new maps as new challenges for each match.

Fighters were pitted against each other via traditional tournament system this week and matches were as follows:

Tournament Round

Combatants Weapons Map Winner
Dassina Andel Kidney Burster
Ironblood Mechanique Crowbill
Rawr! (by Aposiopesis Fullstop) Dassina Andel

Remarks: A lengthy fight. the fighters kept mostly to the northern portion of the arena, intermittently chasing each other to the southwest quadrant (and receiving some poison damage, on Ironblood’s part), but for the most part taking advantage of the clear tiles near the north gate.   Nearer the end, Ironblood was grazed by a saw and strayed in to a mine in the north-western corner of the map, taking him out of the match.

Aposiopesis Fullstop Flayer
Cat Yuhara Kidney Burster
Red Button (by Dassina Andel) Aposiopesis Fullstop

Remarks: Due to technical difficulties, remarks for this match are not available.

Tokiko Tigerpaw Kidney Burster
Cigi Sahara Rifle
Accidental Penis (by Benjamin Bigdipper) Cigi Sahara

Remarks: The match got off to a slow start as Cigi and Tokiko were hesitant to bridge the divide between the east and west halves of the map. Cigi pulled a rifle for a short time in an attempt to wreak some havok on her opponent without receiving damage herself. After Tokiko crossed the divide by running through the gas traps along the north end of the map, Cigi switched to a crowbill and the two chased each other to the east, then the west, ending up in the north-west corner to exchange blows. Nearer the end of the match, Tokiko began running the gas traps again in an attempt to buffer her health, but received more poison damage than health.  The fighting continued running north and south along the west wall until accumulated poison damage finally took Tokiko down about five minutes in to the match.

TheBlackCloud Oh Crowbill
KittyKat Borkotron Flayer
Bong (by Dassina Andel) TheBlackCloud Oh

Remarks: TheBlackCloud and KittyKat met along the northern edge of the map, avoiding the numerous gas and mine traps closer to the middle.  They circled for some time in the north-west corner, Kittykat breadking things up by attempting a Hooper Gambit on a nearby gas trap, successfully receiving a dose of healing gas. The fighting continued  along the northern edge of the map for a minute or so, but KittyKat eventually fell under TheBlackCloud’s crowbill.

Redemption Round:

Ironblood Mechanique Crowbill
Cat Yuhara Kidney Burster
No Idea (by Zeroyel Katsu) Ironblood Mechanique

Remarks: Cat ran in to a triplet of spike traps in quick succession while first attempting to attack Ironblood quickly, then as she ran to avoid strikes from his crowbill. This took her out of the match in under half a minute.

Tokiko Tigerpaw Kidney Burster
KittyKat Borkotron Flayer
Bon Jovi (by Benjamin Bigdipper) Tokiko Tigerpaw

Remarks: Tokiko and Kittykat met up in the north-west corner, fighting in tight form with KittyKat intermittently attempting Hooper Gambits, which did get her some healing, but also at least a couple doses of poison. Soon afterward, the fight began moving around the entire perimeter of the arena, with KittyKat making liberal use of the gas traps in the area. Finally, after a very long seven minutes, KittyKat’s luck ran out with the gas traps and she lost the match as a result of accumulated poison and damage from Tokiko’s Kidney Burster.

Tokiko Tigerpaw Kidney Burster
Ironblood Mechanique Crowbill
Ze Labyrinth of Pain (by Loch Newchurch) Tokiko Tigerpaw

Remarks: Tigerpaw and mechanique clashed along the west wall, each drawing significant amounts of blood with their blows. Tokiko was, however, able to make short work of her opponent having brought her kidney burster up against his crowbill.

Round Two:

TheBlackCloud Oh
Mushroom Cloud (by Dassina Andel) TheBlackCloud Oh

Remarks: Cautious steps characterized the start of this match as the map was again divided by a significant number of traps. Cigi made the first move, attempting a jump across along the north side, but getting dosed with poison gass in the process. The two fighters clashed for some time in the north-west corner, taking advantage of a relatively trap-free space to fight on. Cigi mixed things up a bit running in to a couple of nearby gas traps, becoming poisoned in the process and allowing TheBlackCloud to jump across to the north-east corner for a short while. The two chased each-other back and forth between each corner , but ended up once again in the north-west one, where Cigi eventually fell as the result of running in to a nearby spike and saw trap.

Dassina Andel Flayer
Aposiopesis Fullstop Flayer
Brominite Wrath (by Neobokrug Elytis) Dassina Andel

Remarks: Aposiopesis was poisoned by a gas trap early in the match. Poisoned again after a clash with her opponent and a subsequent Hooper Gambit, she tried pushing Dassina in to the south-east corner of the arena, but walked in to two spike traps in the process, which took her out in short order.

Final Round:

Dassina Andel Flayer
TheBlackCloud Oh Crowbill
Tokiko Tigerpaw Nailgun, Kidney Burster
Sacrifice (by Loch Newchurch) 1


Remarks: Straight out of the gates, TheBlackCloud was poisoned by the gas trap just outside her gate. Dassina made a running leap to avoid hers, while Tokiko chose to stay still and attack her enemies from afar with a nail-gun. When both TheBlackCloud and Dassina approached her with some speed, Tokiko made the switch to a kidney burster. Cloudy met with Tokiko first, but was drawn away almost as quickly when Dassina attacked from behind. She attempted to flee, moving closer to the middle of the map and running back and forth east and west. Nearer the half-way point of the match, she ran in to more poison traps as well as a saw, falling down as she reached the center of the map once again.  Dassina and Tokiko then continued to fight in the middle of the map, with Dassina repeatedly attempting (and sometimes succeeding in) Hooper Gambits. As the result of fighting around the gas trap center tile, both fighters received additional poison gas. Without the benefit of any healing gas, Tokiko fell first, allowing Dassina to claim first prize.

(( Fight Night runs every Saturday of the month at The Potato Farm, Hambone Slash, in The Wastelands, 3PM PDT. The above photo and other Wasteland event photos are available here – A.S.))