Fight Night – December 11, 2010

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Finalists Tokiko Tigerpaw (3), Leovinus Skytower (1), Dassina Andel (2)

An abnormally high number of fighters drove the event in to a hybrid elimination/tournament style game this week.

Fighters and audience members alike were invited to submit new maps as new challenges for each match.

Matches were as follows:

Elimination Round

Combatants Weapons Map Winner
Mythil Woyseck Kidney Burster
Tokiko Tigerpaw Vicious Clobbering Stick
Hurt and Healing Tokiko Tigerpaw

Remarks: Fighting was clustered mostly in the north-east portion of the map, with Mythil running in to a couple of spike traps early on his way towards Cell B along the east side.  Electing to stay near her cell door and to allow her opponent to attempt navigation around the map obstacles, Tokiko was able to keep damage to herself to a minimum and to take Mythil out of action quickly after observing his several run-ins with spikes and saws.

Aposiopesis Fullstop Kidney Burster
CCindy Pfeffer Crowbill
map submitted by Dassina Andell CCindy Pfeffer

Remarks: The match started out with quite some time fighting in close quarters, since the map was ringed with pit traps and a perimeter of saws and gas traps. Both fighters were poisoned a couple of times as they attempted exit from various pit traps. In an effort to gain back some health mid-fight, Aposiopesis attempted the Hooper Gambit numerous times with limited success, remaining significantly poisoned and healing only a handful of times. In the end, this attempt to stave off the inevitable met with disaster, as swipes from CCindy’s crowbill added bleed damage to signficant accumulation of poison.

KittyKat Borkotron Flayer
Zendo Zhangsun Flayer
map submitted by Zeroyel Katsu KittyKat Borkotron

Remarks: Seldom a fighter at the Potato Farm on Fight Night, Zendo braved the arena against Kittykat on a map which seemed randomly strewn with mines, gas traps and saws. Leaving the southern cell, he met up with KittyKat along the eastern wall, exchanging flayer-swipes until he fled west in to some saw and gas traps, picking up both bleed and poison damage in the process. He was able to lure KittyKat in to fighting closer to the center of the map, where they both received a mix of poison and healing as they fought overtop gas traps, however Zendo was forced to give way eventually as previous damage over time accumulated from poison gas caught up to him.

Jeno Avelino Flayer
Psycho Baroque Vicious Clobbering Stick
* Psycho Baroque

Remarks: Newcomer Jeno exited the west cell with much haste, approaching the more conservative Pycho at a running pace, looping around the south end of the arena and hitting a couple of gas traps and a saw in the process, becoming both poisoned and bleeding. When Psycho settled down to fight along the north end of the arena, Jeno continued to attack with the same ferocity, but did not heed hazards in the immediate area, such as additional gas and mines.  Accumulating two additional poison DOTs and one bleed, Psycho was able to make short work of him despite the disparity between their weapons.

*info unavailable


Fei Bourdielle Machete
TheBlackCloud Oh Vicious Clobbering Stick
Foxhunt Ironblood Mechanique

Remarks: Fei was poisoned quite early out of the gates, running in to a gas trap just a few steps from the cell door. As TheBlackCloud gave chase and the two fought across a series of pits along the east side, Fei ran in to a spike while attempting an escape from one such pit, leading to some bleed damage on her part. While she made her way around to a nearby gas trap to attempt a Hooper Gambit, TheBlackCloud emerged from the pit to confront her opponent. The two ran in to gas traps several more times during the fight until they moved again in to the south-eastern corner, narrowly avoiding being caught up in the numerous pits. The fighting went on for some time with no additional incidents with arena traps until such time that Fei fell from accumulated injury and damage over time.

Diamanda Gustafson Flayer
Zeroyel Katsu Fistwraps
user submitted map Diamanda Gustafson

Remarks: This user submitted map featured a significant collection of saws and gas traps clustered in the middle, with gas traps in each corner. Despite these corner deterrents, the fighters made use of the relatively clear perimeter to fight, occasionally making use of these corner gas traps for Hooper Gambits. About a third of the way in to the match, Diamanda made an ill-fated gamble on the gas traps in the middle of the map, coming out poisoned. Even so, she continued on, attacking her opponent along the western side of the arena. Their high paced fight found both Zeroyel and Diamanda scraping up against a couple of saws and nearer the end, Zeroyel made his own attempt at a series of Hooper Gambits before turning on Diamanda again for one last attack.This turned out to be for naught, however, as Diamanda took him out in short order after the results of the Gambits swayed heavily towards poison.

Dassina Andell Flayer
Mira Kamiguwa Kidney Burster
user submitted map Dassina Andel

Remarks: This fast paced map saw Mira and Dassina hacking away at each other all over the map. Starting out on the eastern side, the match moved northward, seeing both fighters get poisoned while attempting to avoid swipes from their opponents.  Both ran in to spikes about half-way through, though Mira was able to get some healing after making a Hooper Gambit along the south end of the arena.  This advantage was lost as she ran in to a mine while watching and waiting for Dassina’s bounding approach southward. Her injuries were further compounded by a run-in with another set of spikes (which on top of the initial damage also poisoned her) and a saw trap, and she was ultimately taken out of action as a result.

Masaka Millandrovic Crowbill
Leovinus Skytower Flayer
Hurt & Healing Leovinus Skytower

Remarks: The fighters played a mostly tight match, with the exception of Leovinus, who ran in to a gas and spike trap in quick succession early in the match. he was able to recover from this setback, however, as swift slashes from his flayer served to take Masaka out of contention rather quickly.

Tournament Style:

Tokiko Tigerpaw Flayer
CCindy Pfeffer Crowbill
user submitted map Tokiko Tigerpaw

Remarks: Tokiko and CCindy mostly avoided the traps during this round by skirting the perimeter of the arena map. First blood on the saws came from CCindy, who’d been backed in to one while pressing her assualt on Tokiko. Following this, the two took passing swipes at each other from the central block of five clear tiles, jumping back and forth between the center and perimeter of the map. Nearer the end, sensing her victory and perhaps trying to stave off her own demise, Tokiko used a medkit and was able to take CCindy out with a few last swipes of her flayer.

KittyKat Borkotron Vicious Clobbering Stick
Psycho Baroque Vicious Clobbering Stick, Slugthrower
user submitted map Psycho Baroque

Remarks: Whereas Psycho avoided the spikes and saws immediately outside of his cell upon the start of the match, KittyKat did not and was spiked rather early on. Psycho took the opportunity to make some early attacks on her while she recovered. The two exchanged blows for some time afterward, chasing each other around the map and clashing quite a number of times without straying in to additional traps, however the match took an abrupt turn once Psycho equipped himself with a slugthrower, allowing to him to take KittyKat out from a distance.

Diamanda Gustafson Flayer
TheBlackCloud Oh Vicious Clobbering Stick
Candystore TheBlackCloud Oh

Remarks: Combat during this round happened at a frenzied pace, but surprisingly lacked much movement. Diamanda was met by TheBlackCloud just outside of the Cell C gate (south wall) and while both exchanged frequent blows, the fight did not move much farther than this and no mine traps were triggered.  The fight ended not more than a quarter of a minute later with TheBlackCloud the victor.

Dassina Andel Vicious Clobbering Stick
Leovinus Skytower Flayer
user submitted map Leovinus Skytower

Remarks: Both fighters took advantage of the relatively trapless map to attack each other at high speed. Much of the combat during the first half happened along the north wall. Just past half-way through, Dassina ran in to a corner mine while making a running attack at her opponent. Not long afterwards during another corner scuffle, Leovinus also triggered a mine and received incindiary damage from it. Dassina applied a medkit and fled south for a short time, pausing in a pit trap to equip herself with a slugthrower. Her exit from the pit was interrupted by Leovinus, however, and in an attempt to escape his attacks, she inadvertently strayed in to a nearby saw trap, taking her out of action.

Redemption Round:

CCindy Pfeffer Crowbill
KittyKat Borkotron Vicious Clobbering Stick
Saw Edge CCindy Pfeffer

Remarks: CCindy’s fast paced hit-and-run tactics met with a fairly conservative amount of movement from KittyKat. The fairly wide open map (with saw-laden perimeter) allowed this match to run on for an extended amount of time, until such point that both fighters seemed to tire of solely combat-based tactics. Each in their own way moved towards the edges of the map in an attempt to cause the other damage from the saws, and ultimately it was CCindy who grazed a saw first.  Whether spurred by renewed vigour or increased urgency, she rounded on KittyKat swiftly afterward in a barrage of slashes, taking her out swiftly.

Diamanda Gustafson Flayer
Dassina Andel Vicious Clobbering Stick
King of Mine Dassina Andel

Remarks: This fight remained mostly in the northern corners, seeing both Dassina and Diamanda attacking each other with much speed and vigour. No traps were triggered and it was ultimately Diamanda who expired first, allowing Dassina to move forward to the next redemption match.

CCindy Pfeffer Crowbill
Dassina Andel Ripper pistol, Slug Thrower,
Careful Steps Dassina Andel

Remarks: Gun accuracy tends to be an issue in such tight quarters, where movement is usually fast and in many short distances, however it seems that CCindy’s crowbill was at a disadvantage when up against both a ripper and slugthrower. Dassina was able to avoid much damage by employing long-ranged weaponry combined with her impressive agility.

Round Two:

Psycho Baroque Vicious Clobbering Stick
Tokiko Tigerpaw Vicious Clobbering Stick
‘KILL YOU’ map submitted by Fei Bourdeille Tokiko Tigerpaw

Remarks: Straight out of the gates, Psycho was both poisoned and bled by a set of spike and saw traps directly outside of his cell.   While Tokiko was poisoned by one gas trap, she did not get in any direct attacks on her opponent, as Psycho inadvertently ran in to two additional gas traps while making a rush at her. Poisoned from both additional traps, he was taken out of action very quickly.

TheBlackCloud Oh Vicious Clobbering Stick
Leovinus Skytower Flayer
Squaredance Leovinus Skytower

Remarks: Another fast paced fight which saw no traps triggered and each fighter attacking at very high speed. The match came to a halt, however, due to accidental fly & HUD breakage on TheBlackCloud’s account, leading to her forfeit of the match.

Final Round:

Tokiko Tigerpaw Kidney Burster
Leovinus Skytower Flayer
Dassina Andel Vicious Clobbering Stick
Sandworm 3

Remarks: Leovinus and Tokiko fought each other for the first quarter of the match until Dassina jumped in with a vicious clobbering stick. The loose fighting moved northward from the south-eastern corner seeing all three trading off blows while avoiding spike gas and pit traps until about the half-way markm at which point Leovinus began a high-speed series of Hooper Gambits in an attempt to keep his health up. Successful about half of the time, he was also able to stave off both Dassina and Tokiko, causing Tokiko to run in to spikes more than once (and falling first). Continuing this tactic afterward, he was able to reap the healing benefits of the gas traps, while Dassina found herself increasingly poisoned and ultimately taken out by Leovinus’ flayer.

(( Fight Night runs every Saturday of the month at The Potato Farm, Hambone Slash, in The Wastelands, 3PM PDT. The above photo and other Wasteland event photos are available here – A.S.))