Fight Night – January 8 2011

Finalists KittyKat Borkotron (1), Tokiko Tigerpaw (3), Fei Bourdeille (2)

Matches were held in traditional tournament format and are as follows:

Round One

Combatants Weapons Map Winner
KittyKat Borkotron Flayer
Aposiopesis Fullstop Vicious Clobbering Stick
Hurt and Healing Aposiopesis Fullstop

Remarks: KittyKat was poisoned early on while exiting her cell but moved on to attack her opponent in earnest. When the fight began to cluster along the east half of the arena, she began to make frequent use of gas traps in an attempt to stave off death but found herself both poisoned and pursued tightly by Aposiopesis. She was taken out soon after in a nearby pit trap after succumbing to both poison damage and accumulated weapons damage.

Dassina Andel Kidney Burster
Fei Bourdeille Crowbill
Fogpit, Tron
Fei Bourdeille

Remarks: Fei and Dassina quickly took the fighting to the center of the map, taking advantage of its somewhat lower concentration of traps. Even so, fast-moving Dassina made numerous Hooper Gambits throughout the arena while Fei stayed put for the most part, avoiding further damage. The match ended about three minutes in , with poison gas finally overtaking any heals Dassina was able to acquire.

Psycho Baroque Vicious Clobbering Stick
Tokiko Tigerpaw Vicious Clobbering Stick
Minefield Tokiko Tigerpaw

Remarks: Both fighters were able to avoid trap damage while moving quickly by moving diagonally and along the arena walls. Their skirmishes frequently took them to the north-eastern and south-western corners. Eventually, it was Psycho who fell first from accumulated weapons damage.

Evil Udein Crowbill
Camden Wrydan Flayer
King of Mine Evil Udein

Remarks: Both relative newcomers, Evil and Camden navigated the arena awkwardly. While Evil was initially able to avoid incindiary damage after running abruptly in to the center of the map, brief chase from Camden drove him in to a mine and a couple of gas traps shortly afterwards, poisoning him. Camden didn’t escape trap damage either, miscalculating a jump while in pursuit and hitting a mine for his efforts. As both attempted to come together and fight afterward, both ran in to gas traps and were  poisoned. It was in this weakened state that the fighting moved towards the north-eastern corner of the map, which was relatively trap-free. The fighters exchanged a few more blows, but ultimately it was Camden who expired first.

Redemption Round:

Dassina Andel Vicious Clobbering Stick
Psycho Baroque Vicious Clobbering Stick
The Middle Psycho Baroque

Remarks: As the name of this map suggests, there’s a fairly clear area in the middle and that’s mostly where these fighters stayed despite their furious pace and frequent back and forth movement. About half-way through, Dassina made a Hooper Gambit and lost, poisoned in the process. Psycho did the same soon afterward. Both attempted the Gambit several more times, failing each time while taking ever faster swipes at each other, until Dassina finally succumbed to poison damage and Psycho’s clobbering stick.

KittyKat Borkotron Flayer
Camden Wryden Flayer
The Gap KittyKat Borkotron

Remarks: A fairly quick match; Camden ran in to a set of spikes early, receiving additional poison damage in the process. KittyKat moved in quickly afterward with a her flayer, coaxing Camden around to run in to another spike trap while fleeing, and emerged victorious shortly afterward as he expired from his injuries.

KittyKat Borkotron Flayer
Dassina Andel Flayer
Space Inverters KittyKat Borkotron

Remarks: Both fighters approached this match at high speed. Dassina strayed in to a spike trap early, while it was KittyKat who recieved incindiary damage from a mine shortly afterward. They were mostly able to avoid damaging traps after this poit until KittyKat strayed in to another mine. Hiding in a pit trap momentarily, she was able to lure in Dassina and made short work of her there.


Round Two

Fei Bourdeille Crowbill
Aposioepesis Fullstop Vicious Clobbering Stick
Bad Day Fei Bourdeille

Remarks: Out of the gates, both fighters hit spikes, but it was Aposiopesis who was also poisoned from that encounter. The fighters took their skirmish to the center of the map thereafter and stayed there until Aposiopesis was incapacitated by her injuries.

Tokiko Tigerpaw Vicious Clobbering Stick
Evil Udein Crowbill
Minefield Tokiko Tigerpaw

Remarks: Contrary to her last fight on this very same arena map, Tokiko chose to move slowly and deliberately this time around, allowing Evil to rush across from his cell to hers, running in to numerous mines in the process. While the fighters did exchange blows briefly in the north-east corner of the map, Evil’s unchecked fast pace led him to run in to multiple mines and eventually took him out of the game before Tokiko could.

Final Round:

Fei Bourdeille Crowbill
Tokiko Tigerpaw Vicious Clobbering Stick
KittyKat Borkotron Flayer
XN Irritant 2

Remarks: Kittykat hung back for a while as Tokiko and Fei concentrated mostly on each other, reacting defensively when the fighting came her way, but otherwise leaving them alone until the last quarter of the match. Tokiko attempted numerous Hooper Gambits while avoiding attacks from Fei, but ultimately fell from accumulated weapons damage and numerous doses of poison gas. The remaining fighters came together shortly afterward and KittyKat strayed in to a few gas traps in the process (with mixed results), however Fei expired perhaps half a minute later with injuries sustained from both her opponents.

(( Fight Night runs every Saturday of the month at The Potato Farm, Hambone Slash, in The Wastelands, 3PM PDT. The above photo and other Wasteland event photos are available here – A.S.))