Fight Night – February 12 2011

Finalists Dassina Andel (1), Psycho Baroque (3), Virus Resident (2)

Fight Night took the form of a tournament style game this week.

Matches were as follows:

Round One

Combatants Weapons Map Winner
Dassina Andel Vicious Clobbering Stick
Jaster Verlack Crowbill
? Dassina Andel

Remarks: Both fighters poisoned early from gas traps. Jasper’s speed led to reduced control, leading to frequent additional run-ins with mines and gas traps and an accelerated demise with minimal damage taken from Dassina’s pursuit.

Oku Ghost Vicious Clobbering Stick
Aposiopesis Fullstop Vicious Clobbering Stick
Minesweeper Oku Ghost

Remarks: Fairly tight fighting had both fighters bleeding early in the match. This was a fairly long fight which saw no traps triggered and Aposiopesis fall first.

Agustsa Jun Flayer
KittyKat Borkotron Vicious Clobbering Stick
Brominite Wrath Agustsa Jun

Remarks: Agustsa hit a mine early on approach towards Kittykat. Kittykat was poisoned numerous times while attacking Agustsa across a gas trap situated not far outside her cell. While combat did move away from that point, poison levels reached a critical mass and KittyKat was taken out after a relatively short match.

Psycho Baroque Vicious Clobbering Stick, Slugthrower, Nailgun
Virus Resident Flayer
Saw Edge, Tron Psycho Baroque

Remarks: A relatively clear map allowed both fighters to attack each other via hit and run tactics for a fair while without landing too much damage. When the map was switched about 8 mins in, Psycho switched tactics and pulled first a slugthrower, then a nailgun to attack his opponent from afar.

Masaka Miliandrovic Crowbill
Jasper Verlack Flayer
Eye of the Storm Masaka Miliandrovic

Remarks: Masaka wisely stuck near her cell door, baiting Jasper’s approach through numerous saw and gas traps. Taking the shortest – but most trap-ridden – route possible, Jasper reached his opponent severely wounded and fell from his injuries shortly afterward.

Dassina Andel Vicious Clobbering Stick, Rifle
Oku Ghost Vicious Clobbering Stick
Isawu Dassina Andel

Remarks: Fairly long match mostly uninterrupted by traps. Nearer the end of the match, in an attempt to get at her opponent while Dassina equipped and reloaded a rifle, Oku ran in to a set of spikes, which took her down immediately.

Aposiopesis Fullstop Vicious Clobbering Stick
Agustsa Jun Flayer
Balanced War Aposiopesis Fullstop

Remarks: Agustsa was run in to a gas trap early on and was poisoned while fleeing Aposiopesis. Shortly afterward, he attempted a string of Hooper Gambits while intermittently taking swipes at Aposiopesis. He regained some health from healing gas but mostly became more poisoned in the process.

KittyKat Borkotron Vicious Clobbering Stick
Psycho Baroque Vicious Clobbering Stick
SOS KittyKat Borkotron

Remarks: Early fighting clustered mostly around Cell B (west) with fighters mostly avoiding traps until about two thirds of the way in to the match, when Psycho ran in to a gas trap and was poisoned, while KittyKat ran in to a second gas trap and was healed. Psycho was poisoned further in pursuit of his opponent and following a brief confrontation against the south wall, expired from his injuries.

Virus Resident Flayer
Masaka Miliandrovic Crowbill
Quadromortale Virus Resident

Remarks: A tight match fought along the perpendicular lines spanning from each cell door. Masaka held her ground for some time against Virus’ aggressive push and slash tactics but nearer the end fled and accidentally ran in to a spike trap, taking her out of the match.

Final Round Placement :

Aposiopiesis Fullstop Vicious Clobbering Stick
Masaka Miliandrovic Crowbill
Agustsa Jun Flayer
KittyKat Borkotron Vicious Clobbering Stick
Oku Ghost Vicious Clobbering Stick
Psycho Baroque Vicous Clobbering Stick
Virus Resident Kidney Burster
Shark Attack

Remarks: Last two standing were advanced to the final round.

Final Round:

Dassina Andel Rifle
Virus Resident Crowbill
Psycho Baroque Vicious Clobbering Stick, Nailgun
True Random

Remarks: Virus and Dassina started off the match focused on each other for the most part. Virus was poisoned early on, but turned to confront Psycho in the south-western corner in melee combat. Turning and hiding in a pit for a while, Virus allowed Dassina and Psycho to face off, rifle to nailgun from across the arena. Dassina’s strategy to use a rifle proved superior as she took Psycho out fairly quickly. Not long afterward, Virus emerged from her pit only to have Dassina pick her off almost immediately, winning the match.

(( Fight Night runs every Saturday of the month at The Potato Farm, Hambone Slash, in The Wastelands, 3PM PDT. The above photo and other Wasteland event photos are available here – A.S.))