Community Meeting: September 26, 2020

Below is a short summary of the latest Community Meeting, followed by its chat logs – which have been gently edited for formatting, to put questions and answers in bold for easy skimming, and to omit greetings and farewells and other such asides.  Meetings are hosted by Estate owner NeoBokrug Elytis at 2:00 pm on the last Saturday of every month at The Potato Farm in The Wastelands, and the discussion is typically divided into three main topics: Estate, Game, and Roleplay & Events.  Everyone is welcome to attend!

➳ Occupancy is still holding stable compared to last month, which was lower than ideal.
➳ A general reminder that public discussion of politics isn’t allowed on the Estate or in Wastelands-related group chats.
➳ Neo is re-examining the approach to the new RP wing and orientation area: they’re on hold for now.
➳ The Burnt Oak redesign (and its accompanying Quest) is also on hold.
➳ The Press Blog’s theme is being updated, the main website is soon to be updated, and new Wiki articles are in the works.
➳ Do you know HTML or CSS?  Neo will gladly accept some help with updating the main website.
➳ The secret project Neo has hinted at is still up in the air a bit – but these website updates will help prepare for it.

➳ New Halloween items are already in the works!
➳ Neo is brainstorming ideas for a Halloween quest.
➳ There’s been a minor HUD update to resolve a rare saving issue.

➳ Want to write posts from an in-character perspective for the Press?  Let Neo know!
➳ The roleplay character bio template will be added to the Wiki soon!
Halloween Planning:
➳ There will be a trick-or-treating event to let Wastelanders and/or visitors go from hovel to hovel and get one-per-person treats: Neo is working on a vendor script that will respond to “Trick or Treat!”
➳ Akiko Thursday is setting up a haunted house for the season.
➳ The Long Night, with the special darkened Windlight settings and the marauding by the Black Rider, is still slated to take place on Halloween itself.
➳ Trigger Treat, an all-day Halloween party, will take place on Saturday, October 24.  If you want to DJ or otherwise emit noise, contact Apo!
➳ Want to host an event?  Let Neo know the event details by Wednesday night and he’ll add it to the announcements!



NeoBokrug Elytis: As per the usual we’ll talk the three main aspects of the estate, land, games, RP & events; with time for questions in between each category.
Winnie Chandrayaan (winston.chandrayaan): yayyyyyyy!!!
NeoBokrug Elytis: Starting with land, occupancy has stayed same-ish for the past month.
Cody Tebaldi (dakota.tebaldi): That’s my fault, I didn’t move
NeoBokrug Elytis: Even though people showing up for events is down pretty hard I think. I assume that people are coverin’ their butts IRL with the hot dumpsterfire that everything is, and I don’t fault anyone. Plus it’s “school-ish time”, things in general start to slow down a bit this time of the year.
Winnie Chandrayaan (winston.chandrayaan): is working and tends to collapse inna heap when I get home :(
Cody Tebaldi (dakota.tebaldi): Yeah :(
NeoBokrug Elytis: And before I get TOO into the meeting, I just want to reiterate that political discussion isn’t allowed here. I know there’s a big election soon, and I know we all have opinions. But I think a lot of what makes The Wastelands great is the ability to just willingly turn that off and enjoy the time here.
BlackWidow Sinister: █▓▒░ ★ oi ★ ░▒▓█
LadyMaya: σί!
Winnie Chandrayaan (winston.chandrayaan): So we can’t make Drifter Supreme Leader *sadface*
NeoBokrug Elytis: Having said that, I will enforce it. No discussion about the elections or politics in public or WL-related group chats. Feel free to discuss in IM with your friends.
LadyMaya: lol Supreme Overlord and Tyrant :)
BlackWidow Sinister: Neo For President!!!
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Brain-control bolts for everyone!
LadyMaya: Sounds reasonable Neo, whew
NeoBokrug Elytis: Let’s see, not much to discuss in the way of estate news. There’s some stuff that doesn’t quite fit game or RP & events so I am going to ramble on about that
Winnie Chandrayaan (winston.chandrayaan): aw, I wanted a splodey collar
NeoBokrug Elytis: is getting some updates, because the old theme we had was old and it was technically breaking. So I cleaned that up, and we’re still tinkering with the look, but I tried to make it same-ish as the old blod appearance.
Cody Tebaldi (dakota.tebaldi): blod is gud
NeoBokrug Elytis: The primary site is going to get an update as well, because it’s time and secret project demands it.
NeoBokrug Elytis: If anyone is a fucking html and css wizard and wants to help, I’ll gladly take anything.
NeoBokrug Elytis: I can do it, but I am slooooowwww.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Seeeeecrets….
Vikki Placebo: I’m no wizard, but if you need help, let me know
NeoBokrug Elytis: The wiki still needs articles done on the papers, and since I am in a holding pattern on some things starting the afternoon tomorrow, I’ll get to authoring them.
NeoBokrug Elytis: I will accept your help. :)
Vikki Placebo: :)
BlackWidow Sinister: It says on the Wiki that the Clobberin Stick comes from Rare Crates. And Alden. I have never seen one come from a Rare Crate, ever.
NeoBokrug Elytis: They do, I assure you.
BlackWidow Sinister: OK
BlackWidow Sinister: I get em from Alden Tradin’
NeoBokrug Elytis: I think that’s it regarding the website stuff. Basically updates are overdue an required. I may tinker with the land store section of the website, but it doesn’t NEED an update.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Any questions about land things?
Aposiopesis Fullstop: While you’re in the Wiki, are you also going to do those RP character bio templates?
NeoBokrug Elytis: Yesh
Aposiopesis Fullstop: wooo!
NeoBokrug Elytis: Moving on to game stuff.


NeoBokrug Elytis: I hope Tattered Papers system is helpful.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Halloween items are being worked on.
Winnie Chandrayaan (winston.chandrayaan): \o/
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Ooooh…
Winnie Chandrayaan (winston.chandrayaan): poompkins!
Mayo von Schrott (myotis.draconia): sharktooth candy!
NeoBokrug Elytis: The halloween quest or event is kind of in limbo. I am struggling to think of something new, fun, and different.
RM Beedit (rmarie.beedit): kill, kill, kill
NeoBokrug Elytis: The limitations of SL kind of limit what I can do. It may be another hallucinogenic not-quite-rp-canon journey.
BlackWidow Sinister: Maybe something involving the Papers?
NeoBokrug Elytis: Nah
NeoBokrug Elytis: I like to keep them self contained, so brand new players can just pop on and play. It probably will require EXP to start, but that’s about it.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Canon-ambiguous things are… confusing.
NeoBokrug Elytis: They’re mostly for fun, in the sense that not everything is ever really fully understood, and it gives me the flexibility I need for fun stories.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Like Miriam.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Besides, what you don’t understand fully, is a good seed for fear. >:)
Winnie Chandrayaan (winston.chandrayaan): Eep! =o.O=
Verity Goodnight: :D
NeoBokrug Elytis: That’s about it for game stuff. SL work and a busted computer have been keeping me busy this month.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Oh, I did make a super minor update to the HUD earlier this week
NeoBokrug Elytis: There’s a possible rare bug, and/or issue with data being saved. I am waiting on further reports, but so far nothing since the “fix”.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Any questions about game stuff?
Aposiopesis Fullstop: This is sort of a mix of land and game, but…
NeoBokrug Elytis: K
Aposiopesis Fullstop: What’s the status of the Burnt Oak… everything? Rebuild, quest, etc.
NeoBokrug Elytis: It’s on hold for now. That quest is hard for me to put together because there’s a lot of moving parts. It’s not so much scope creep as it was always kind of bigger in scope than I had wanted.
NeoBokrug Elytis: I was thinking about it last night how, I could just put together a written text of what happened, and just go forward with the Burnt Oak remodel… but that felt super lame.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: And you’d been talking as if the quest would affect things… somehow.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Especially since I wanted to make it something players could take part in, and have an affect on the outcome of a plot point.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Yeah
NeoBokrug Elytis: The orientation area and RP wing are on hold for different reasons. We’re re-examining our approach a little.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Halloween is the big priority right now.
Seti Rabt (setirabit.rayna): woo
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Yeah, that makes sense.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Is there any way the new weapons that are already basically ready for release, which somehow got rolled up into Burnt Oak quest rewards, could be… part of the Halloween thing?
NeoBokrug Elytis: Technically yea.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: If you really wanted weapons as part of the Burnt Oak thing, it maybe wouldn’t be too much to hope that there could be different new ones for it, by the time it wasn’t on hold anymore.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Sitting here I’ve hatched some ideas for Halloween, so we’ll see what happens.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Any other questions about game stuff?
Mayo von Schrott (myotis.draconia): WL: Pumpkinthrower
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Uhoh. I wonder how literal this “hatching” is gonna be.
Vikki Placebo: :)
BlackWidow Sinister: If it’s Eggs I’ll Find Them!!!
Verity Goodnight: time to dig the pumpkinpooper out of the inventory I guesss
BlackWidow Sinister: :)
NeoBokrug Elytis: Haha


NeoBokrug Elytis: Before we move on to RP and Events.
NeoBokrug Elytis: O dpm
NeoBokrug Elytis: Heh wrong hand position
NeoBokrug Elytis: I don’t know how willing everyone would be to participate, but since RL trick or treating is pretty much completely fucked, I was wondering if landowners (and their squatter friends) wanted to host trick or treating here in The Wastelands.
Creamysoda Float: yus!
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): heheh neat :)
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Very yes!
BlackWidow Sinister: that was a good idea
BlackWidow Sinister: sure
Lune (lunesta.matova): Oooh!
Cody Tebaldi (dakota.tebaldi): What will it require?
Winnie Chandrayaan (winston.chandrayaan): :D
NeoBokrug Elytis: Basically, I could whip up a script where it listens for “Trick or Treat” and gives inventory.
Verity Goodnight: yesssss
BlackWidow Sinister: you mentioned making some kinda vendor
NeoBokrug Elytis: IDK you make a thing to put in a box to dispense.
Verity Goodnight: yesssssssssssssssssssss
BlackWidow Sinister: yah. I have tons of foods and stuffs
Verity Goodnight: can it be WL items?
Cody Tebaldi (dakota.tebaldi): Okay, i’d be up for that
BlackWidow Sinister: sure
BlackWidow Sinister: WL items are transfer
NeoBokrug Elytis: It can be WL items, but they will run out.
BlackWidow Sinister: Seen them in a Gatcha
NeoBokrug Elytis: Ideally it should be something you can copy.
Seti Rabt (setirabit.rayna): I want candy
RM Beedit (rmarie.beedit): good idea
Verity Goodnight: I have so many and like, I don’t do anything with them cos haha I don’t make anything
Cody Tebaldi (dakota.tebaldi): It’s like the tree gifts except you visit peoples’ places to get the gifts :)
Verity Goodnight: otherwise, you’re all getting the moon on a stick
NeoBokrug Elytis: I will set the script to the following, let me know if this is a bad idea here and now:
NeoBokrug Elytis: 1) Person says trick or treat
RM Beedit (rmarie.beedit): is there any disadvantage to it being WL items if people come from outside the wastelands?
NeoBokrug Elytis: 2) An internal list is checked, if they got a treat they don’t get another
NeoBokrug Elytis: 3) if they’re not on the list they get a random inventory object.
Cody Tebaldi (dakota.tebaldi): Sweet and simple
NeoBokrug Elytis: Ideally I would just have it pick something random.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: On the one hand, a WL item could pique their interest in figuring out what the item is and how to use it here, and give them an incentive to try crafting once they got a bunch of them.
RM Beedit (rmarie.beedit): can’t be no copy though lest inventory goes to 0?
NeoBokrug Elytis: If inventory is zero, the candy bowl is empty.
RM Beedit (rmarie.beedit): k
BlackWidow Sinister: sounds great
NeoBokrug Elytis: But I would like to promote this event somehow.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Just kind of like halloween TREE, but not.
Verity Goodnight: could it send a message to the owner to say it’s empty? I’ve got some gacha sale boxes that do that
NeoBokrug Elytis: I could add that
Aposiopesis Fullstop: But on the other – yeah. Limited inventory, some WL items have a high LI and wouldn’t make for good decoration if not being used for crafting, etc.
Verity Goodnight: (and then they self-delete but yeah)
Dexter Bogdanovich: what about making the candybowl a game item?
NeoBokrug Elytis: I mean it’ll take me only 15 minutes to whip up, and I’ll just make it available to those who want to use it.
RM Beedit (rmarie.beedit): can we put non WL things in the bowl?
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Can it allow for variations of “trick or treat” so it could be capitalized, have a period at the end, have an exclamation point at the end, etc, instead of having to do it a certain way?
RM Beedit (rmarie.beedit): k
NeoBokrug Elytis: Well this “event” is not a game event or the halloween quest.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Just something to soothe the lack of RL trick or treating.
Lune (lunesta.matova): Yes, RM…doesn’t have to be a WL item
Aposiopesis Fullstop: (I’m still annoyed a bit by how the Robed Figure only responds to an uncapitalized, commaless “hail wastelander.” ;) )
NeoBokrug Elytis: If you have limited items, and at least one copy item in there, the bowl will always be full.
Cody Tebaldi (dakota.tebaldi): Yeah I’m up for it :)
NeoBokrug Elytis: So that’s an idea I wanted to throw out. I’ll get the script done probably tonight or tomorrow.
Vikki Placebo: It’s a nice idea!
Aposiopesis Fullstop: What might the vendor item look like?
NeoBokrug Elytis: Whatever you put the script in. :P
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Ahhh, I see!
NeoBokrug Elytis: I ain’t makin no vendor item.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Hahaha
Vikki Placebo: :D
Verity Goodnight: yaaaay candy bowls
Dexter Bogdanovich: aww
Verity Goodnight: I must have one in my inv
BlackWidow Sinister: I can make a plywood box, Really good at that.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Thing #2:
NeoBokrug Elytis: The Press Blog is once again open to people who want to write some RP articles. They should ideally be from your characters RP point of view, and must adhere to WL Lore and Canon. Your articles will be read and probably edited before they’re published, but if it’s something you want to do let me know and I’ll set you up with a login for the press blog.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: :D
NeoBokrug Elytis: I think that’s all I had to mention really. This weekend I gotta do wiki articles and that script.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Anything else before I open the floor to RP & Events discussion?
Wasteland Drifter (wastelanddrifter): Is writing contingent on being literate?
Cody Tebaldi (dakota.tebaldi): snickers
Winnie Chandrayaan (winston.chandrayaan): just a blob of pawprints? XD
NeoBokrug Elytis: As a character, I don’t think so. I think it could be written in 3rd person.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: David Attenborough narrates Drifter’s day.
Winnie Chandrayaan (winston.chandrayaan): XD
NeoBokrug Elytis: And even if it’s just logs of a neat RP session, people might wanna read.
Winnie Chandrayaan (winston.chandrayaan): Steve Irwin.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: …I would pay hard currency to hear that.
Winnie Chandrayaan (winston.chandrayaan): OI HE:S A STROPPPPY ONE
NeoBokrug Elytis: haha
Verity Goodnight: CRIKEY
NeoBokrug Elytis: Open floor for RP and events discussion then!
Vikki Placebo: Hehe
Mayo von Schrott (myotis.draconia): or that movie trailer guy… In a world….
Winnie Chandrayaan (winston.chandrayaan): XD
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Speaking of the Press Blog and in-character articles… I’m still wanting to have Apo write some things about the fictional faiths of The Wastelands, from the Mutant ways to Doktor Pileus’s Perishioners and all the other various cults. Ideally by interviewing the characters who practice them! If you’re interested, get yer thoughts in order and let me know when you’d like to sit down and RP out the discussion! :D
NeoBokrug Elytis: I bet the witch has some choice words.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Yeah, but the difficulty there is also that the Witch wouldn’t bother telling a Human about it to put down in silly chickenscratches. ;)
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): I’ll do that but I’ll be making stuff up on the fly
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Essentially, I think there’s enough cool stuff there that it’s worth putting on the Press for future reference so other folks can join in – but I figured that, where possible, it’d be better to do it collaboratively than just me trying to cobble together what I know.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Such is much of RP, Irk! :D
The Digger (sandusky.kayvon): she might! she would often preach at the Digger about how everything he did was unholy in a way
Wasteland Drifter (wastelanddrifter): Humon not know right way!
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Haha, indeeeed!
Dan Buffet (danbuffet): hi all
Wasteland Drifter (wastelanddrifter): Hey!
Seti Rabt (setirabit.rayna): Hey! Dan
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Other events-wise… there’s one this very night! My normal noise is being supplanted by the Post-Apoc Sock Hop – all Oldies and Oldies-style things – and starting an hour early.
Cody Tebaldi (dakota.tebaldi): Hey there Dan
Dan Buffet (danbuffet): i will go now because this is a meeting
LadyMaya: tc Dan
Winnie Chandrayaan (winston.chandrayaan): oop, forgot to find an outfit fer that
Dan Buffet (danbuffet): tc have a good night and upcoming week all
Aposiopesis Fullstop: L$500 prizes for Best Male and Female outfits – be an extra-greasy greaser, or wear a poodle skirt of real poodle! And L$100 for Best Use of Sock!
Dan Buffet (danbuffet): ty lady
Dan Buffet (danbuffet): bye all
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Just dancin’ in yer socks is fine, as well. :V
NeoBokrug Elytis: NO
Aposiopesis Fullstop: ?
NeoBokrug Elytis: Unless they’re waist high socks
Seti Rabt (setirabit.rayna): will use all the pomade
Wasteland Drifter (wastelanddrifter): Oh, no Benjamin Bigdipper style?
Winnie Chandrayaan (winston.chandrayaan): darn
Verity Goodnight: lol
NeoBokrug Elytis: I miss Ben.
Aposiopesis Fullstop:
Seti Rabt (setirabit.rayna): where do I wear this sock again?
Aposiopesis Fullstop: That’s happening here at The Arena, at 4pm (special early start!)
Winnie Chandrayaan (winston.chandrayaan): over yer ear
Arena Siren: >> Fight Starts In: 3
Arena Siren: >> Fight Starts In: 2
Arena Siren: >> Fight Starts In: 1
Arena Siren: >> FIGHT!
RM Beedit (rmarie.beedit): drops her VC on the ground
NeoBokrug Elytis: I think War Zone is going to be in Stygian this time. :)
Cody Tebaldi (dakota.tebaldi): So used to hearing impacts and pain after that siren
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Other events-wise… I’ll be wrangling a Halloween party together for Saturday, October 24! So we can do other trick-or-treat things / The Long Night on Halloween itself.
Cody Tebaldi (dakota.tebaldi): The Best Night!
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Indeeeed!
Aposiopesis Fullstop: So if you want to DJ or otherwise emit music for that, lemme know.
Seti Rabt (setirabit.rayna): is interested
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Non-zero chance of it descending into Wasted Karaoke to howl away the bad spirits. ;)
Creamysoda Float: i have the most cringe worthy gesture…
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Did it come from one of those clubs?
Creamysoda Float: my friend made it.
Creamysoda Float: i think..least gave it to me.
Creamysoda Float: is penis confetti thrower.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: >_<
Creamysoda Float: addign random..
NeoBokrug Elytis: Menu button is a great name.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Haha!
Aposiopesis Fullstop: It verymuch is.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Okey dokey folks, meeting is over. Those who want to participate or watch War Zone, meet up in Fort Stygian!