An image of a boiler with the word TREE painted on it in green

2021 Wastelands Giftmas is Here!

Wastelands Giftmas is our post-apocalyptic interpretation of a holiday celebration. It incorporates the generosity of our community who tend to make custom hand made things in SL as gifts, decorating a filthy dirt man, and putting out special limited time collectable items as part of our game.  Giftmas starts today, and ends on January 1st!

The Giftmas TREE

Once a year near the end of the Season of Withering, a large boiler with the word TREE appears someplace in The Wastelands. This year it can be found here. Cold souls gather ’round it to keep warm, share stories, and resources. In summary, anyone is allowed to decorate the TREE, and leave and take gifts — as long as you follow the leaving a Gift and Decorating guidelines:

  • You may add a small low LI decoration to our TREE, ideally just one LI or prim.
  • And just like the decoration, your gift container should also just be 1 prim.
  • Set its contents for sale for $L0. This way people can take the contents without the need for scripts.
  • Make sure the *All* the contents of your gift have copy permissions, otherwise it won’t work.

Bleedy the Dirtman

Bleedy the Dirtman has become another holiday tradition gifted to us by Irk the Mutant. Visitors are encouraged to decorate Bleedy with reasonable land impact use. Bleedy can be found here. Where did Bleedy the Dirtman come from? Find out here!  Did you enjoy that? See more comics here!

Wastelands Giftmas Collectables

In order to collect the collectables, you must wear our game HUD, and play our game.  To learn how to play you can read about it on our wiki, and we also have an inworld tutorial available.

There were no new game items this year, so we have to break from the tradition of having the collectables be a review of the years new things.  As such I have dug deep into the bowels of my inventory, and this year’s collectables are a throwback to the first year of The Wastelands! Therefore, the LI could be a little higher than normal.  In summary:

Collectables 1,2,3, all spawn in Common Crates.
Collectable 4 spawns in uncommon and rare crates, and can also be rarely traded with Scythejaw for 40BV worth of goods.
Collectable 5 spawns in uncommon and rare crates, and can also be rarely traded with Alden for 40BV worth of goods.
The not-so-secret bonus collectable is only for landowners.

WL: Giftmas Scrit has a chance to spawn in rare crates.  Giftmas Scrit allows you a chance to win previous Giftmas Collectables at the Giftmas Masheen.  If you find a Giftmas Scrit, you can rez it on the coin slot of the Giftmas Masheen located near the TREE.

The older the previous Giftmas reward, the less of a chance you’ll have to get it. This year 75% of all rewards will be from last year, and 8% from 2019, with even more diminishing chances as they get older. Bonus items are the rarest to get.  That sounds rough, but last year someone got a collectable from our first year of collectables in ’08 — effectively a jackpot!

WL: Small/Big Chocolate Coins and WL: Festive Spices can be had at the Giftmas Masheen as a bonus item when spending a WL: Giftmas Scrit.

Wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing — we hope you have a great holiday season!

— Neo & The Dev Team