Revival Day Egg Hunt

The real world month of April marks the middle of the Season of Revival in The Wastelands; a fictional span of time that Wastelanders use to help mark its passage.  For the week in April closest to the real world celebration Easter – we host an egg hunting event.

Before you participate, you should at least know the very basics of playing The Game in The Wastelands.  You’ll need to understand how to equip the HUD, the mechanics of looting items, and EXPerience.  I’ve drafted up a short guide here, but if you want an in-depth guide to how the game works, please consider exploring our articles on the wiki.

Gathering Eggs

Creatures of all sorts have been building nests during the Season of Revival with delicious eggs in them to loot.  Clicking a nest will give you one to three eggs.  Nest spawn in addition to the normal crate spawns in the following regions: Burnt Oak, Cormac, Fort Stygian, North Yard, The Great Fissure, The Junkyard, The Sand Seas, and The Wastelands.  They look like the image to the right.  Be sure to loot any other game crates you may see on the way as well, as you’ll need the EXPerience.

Trade Them to Scythejaw

Scythejaw has taken up his paint brush and is painting eggs that you bring him! Once you have some eggs, you can trade him any WL: Egg (and 4 Exp) for one of his painted ones.

To trade an egg: be wearing a game HUD, have 4 EXPerience, and simply rez an egg on his big pot of boiling eggs. You’ll be given a random painted egg! Collect (or eat) them all!

Scythejaw is located in Fort Stygian.

Available Painted Eggs

Up until this year (2024), all previous painted eggs were part of the random rewards.  This made getting any new eggs particularly difficult.  Including 2024s new egg, there are sixteen eggs to collect.  As of this year, we’re changing which eggs are available to collect.  The system is as follows:

Every year Scythejaw will paint seven different eggs.  Of the eggs in his collection, there will always be any new designs for that year.  Then randomly selected eggs from previous years will added until there’s a total of seven.

You are encouraged to trade your spare eggs with others to complete your sets. :)

I’ll be editing this post annually to update which eggs are available.  New eggs for the year are in bold.

2024 Eggs

Revival Day Egg Hunt and Painting goes from the evening of March 30th 2024, to the evening of April 7th 2024.  Its painted eggs are as follows:

  • WL: Revival Egg – Coal
  • WL: Revival Egg – Fire King
  • WL: Revival Egg – Ghoul
  • WL: Revival Egg – Manimal
  • WL: Revival Egg – Mutant
  • WL: Revival Egg – The Junkyard
  • WL: Revival Egg – The Tin Man (NEW)