Fresh Ink, Fresh Blood, Fresh Faces

“…news is history in its first and best form, its vivid and fascinating form, and…history is the pale and tranquil reflection of it.” – Mark Twain

Change. History. Time. They manifest themselves in many ways, especially in the Wastelands. Structures built up one day are swept away by the fierce sand overnight. The numbers of scavengers on the streets rise and fall. Meanwhile, the Wastelands have grown steadily. While the Wastelands forum provides a place for the community to discuss various topics and announcements, the Press realizes it should finally have an organized and online presence to share news, RP or otherwise, in a timely fashion when it does happen. Meanwhile, the in-world format of the Salvaged Times newspaper will continue, serving as a collection of stories and articles featured on the Blog.

Admittedly, the Post-Apocalyptic Press struggled often to find news to write other than just the arrival of a new sim. Although there are some regular social events and a few past RP events, they are sometimes few and far between one another. Understandably, social events and RP events are a time-consuming chore to develop and host depending on their scale. Therefore, we certainly welcome and appreciate the initiative shown by those of you doing so and those yet to come.

Whether events or role-playing, I have always hoped for the Press and its members to serve as constructive and interactive resources to the community. Constructive so we may record the history of the Wastelands and spread word of the things residents or gamers wish to offer the larger community. Interactive on a casually social and even role-play basis for uncovering and investigating potential RP stories people are developing or playing out with each other. Although we have a few eyes and ears looking around the Wastelands, we do encourage and rely upon tips that something is afoot. Otherwise, we and the larger community may never be aware of what transpired.

On that note, i’d like to welcome the following recent additions to the Post Apocalyptic Press. Monofio Pinion, a generally friendly ghoul, will be one of our Salvaged Journalists. The sneaky mouse, theblackcloud Oh, is our newest Salvaged Paparazzi photographer. Meanwhile, Kezz Mauriac of the Trade Post and Ccindy Pfeffer of the Teeth Grinders will contribute to the Press as Salvaged Columnists.

So if you have a story or news or suspicions that something is up, I encourage you to contact one of our active Journalists or just drop us a note! I will be placing a mailbox at the Press where folks may drag and drop a brief notecard (in-character or not, 100 words or less) regarding rumors or hints about possible RP episodes. Any notes we receive will be passed along to a journalist to investigate. The mailbox will also be a repository for other things I’ll discuss later. Until then scavengers, keep your weapon in your hand and your wits in your head as you scour the land for scrap!!