Ghoul Sounds

Photo by theblackcloud Oh

Last night in the Great Fissure saw a gathering of Wastelanders and strange folk, garbed in odd attire.  A weird vibe was in the air…something spiritual and dark from a time past that still remains to chill the bones.  They gathered at the foot of the stage propped against the wreckage of some long ago air-machine, the Atropine Helicopter, home to the eerie music of Redzone.

DJ Kid Caustic (aka Karu Seetan) began the evening, coaxing out a mixing of tunes and sound from past recordings as the crowd danced with dark glee.  Their anticipation peaked when the trio of Redzone (Cabaret Voltaire, Red Xu, and Avomatsur Rustamova) stepped out from the Atropine’s cockpit.  The band plugged in their instruments and draped their music over the audience.  Their sound soothed and excited the assembled throng as it filled the eerie night.

Kid Caustic Setlist:
Lemon Jelly – A Tune for Jack, Kneel Before Your God, Stay With You
Justice – Let There Be Light, DVNO, Stress, Phantom
The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds, Blue Room
Daft Punk Megamix
Yu Miyake – Katamari Main Theme, You Are Smart

Redzone Setlist:
Closed Circuit
Crime of Passion
Condition of Human
Demon Child
Layer 6

(additional photographs of the event can be seen at here.)