Calling all tipsters!

As part and parcel of our more frequent bulletins, the Press is now actively seeking material for our files in the Library. This information will include documentation of builds, miscellaneous notes about characters of interest, groups we’re on the lookout for, odd objects which seem pertinent towards further investigation, or perhaps creatures – tame or wild – indigenous to our area.

To submit information about any of the above, please submit a notecard containing no more than 100 words on any of the following subjects:

Avatar/Character Name – A brief character snippet of interest
RP Group Name – A brief description of a faction/clan/tribe
Location Name – A brief description of a build/lot/sim of interest
Creature Name – A brief description of a creature of interest (mob or avatar)

NOTE: We don’t want extensive character biographies or life histories. Try to keep it to something that hints about who your character is. It can be straightforward or mysterious.

Please submit your cards to either Sandusky Kayvon or Aki Shichiroji in person, or place your card in one of the mailboxes located near the Post-Apocalyptic Press building. All items of merit will be indexed and may be investigated further.

Thank you for your cooperation!