Survival of the Fittest

Kezz Mauriac survives Fight Night (photo by theblackcloud Oh)
Kezz Mauriac survives Fight Night (photo by theblackcloud Oh)

Last night, the Wastelands were particularly barren and desolate.  Many scavengers were possibly tucked away sleeping in their various holes and huts but a few did venture out to Hambone Slash, curious if any were eager to engage in combat.  With only a few willing combatants, a variation on Fight Night was employed: Survival.

Fight Night: Survival varies slightly from regular Fight Nights in that each combatant is added to a list.  The first two fighters on the list begin the bloodsport while the third waits patiently in a cell.  When someone falls, the third fighter is quickly unleashed and the victor must struggle to survive the fresh and eager contestant.  As that fight engages, the next name on the list takes a position in a cell.  The fighting continues as the names on the list rotate and fighters go in while bodies come out.  Winning a fight earns one point for the winner and the first to achieve 7 points is the winning Survivor.

This event is hectic and quickly-paced if not plagued with any technical difficulties.  It is also brutal, exhausting, and demanding with no rest for the wicked between fights unlike regular Fight Nights.

Last night’s participants were Mollyblue Etchegaray, Giuseppe Spicoli, Kezz Mauriac, Psycho Baroque, and Rusted Gears. 

Kezz Mauriac: 7 Points
Psycho Baroque: 5 points
Mollyblue Etchegaray: 2 points