Eye of the Tigress

Dassina Andel - Crouching Tigress
Dassina Andel - Crouching Tigress

Last night’s Fight Night brought two newcomers to the final round against one of the most notorious veterans of the Wastelands with surprising results!  The clever and calculating Dassina Andel overcame tough odds, clawing her way back from the redemption rounds, to defeat fellow newcomer, Merk Thor of the Black Market, and the highly experienced Kezz Mauriac to claim victory in the Potato Farm arena.

Prior to winning Fight Night, Dassina Andel had already gained the attention, both friendly and vicious, of various Wastelanders in the short time she’s been scavenging in our decrepit settlement.  Favoring the Hunter’s Rifle, Dass has honed her combat skills by fending off ruthless hunting parties from the Black Market.  The industrious tigress has also displayed great skill at the salvager, uncovering many recipes by her own curiosity, reminding this reporter of another crafty manimal of some reknown, Sandling Honey of the Vile Sun, the Queen of Parts.  The Renegades have definitely noticed her talents also, recently adding Dassina to their ranks.

Fight Night Results for 03-07-09

After the winner and losers licked their wounds, a brief and hectic match of Survival of the Fittest was employed.  Each fighter was assigned a number.  The first 2 fighters began the struggle while the others lined up in one of the cell corridors.  After the count of 60 seconds from an old watch, the buzzer would sound and the next fighter would enter the Arena.  This pattern continued until all fighters were in, frantically shooting and stabbing and clubbing at each other to become the last one standing.  When all was said and done, Kezz Mauriac reclaimed his dignity from losing in the Fight Night tourneys by winning this crazy contest!

The fighters participating in Survival of the Fittest were: Dassina Andel, Kezz Mauriac, Merk Thor, Aposiopesis Fullstop, Tsukiko Dreamscape, and myself, Sandusky Kayvon.  Fight Night Results may be picked up in-world at the PA Press bulletin board in the Wastelands.

In other news:  Before Fight Night, various Wastelanders attending a series of Cabeza Muerta games at the Court of Skulls in Cormac.  Players were Aposiopesis Fullstop, Robin Varriale, and Dassina Andel.  Dassina Andel also won that event, edging out Aposiopesis for the most games won.  Later on in the evening, DJ Gomi Mfume ran a tremendously long set of tunes at the Junkyard stage, raising money to donate to NeoBokrug Elytis as he recovers from RL surgery.  ((Special thanks to Gomi and get well soon, Neo!)