A glint of orange…

The orange glow of a Shattered Fragment
The orange glow of a Shattered Fragment

Did you see that on the horizon?  There was a sparkle, it was definitely orange.  Now it’s gone, what was it?

This whispered rumor spread like fire across the Wastelands early last week, igniting speculation among the scavengers, mutant, manimal, human and ghoul alike.  Zealots preached of omens and the Fire God.  The brave or greedy scoured the land for signs and maybe unknown wealth to find.  Curious Wastelanders have also studied the orange crystals deep within my Excavation and at the High Mesa, but I must admit their origins still elude me to this day.

Gossip soon gave way to excited discoveries.  Several scavengers have found small twisted Fragments with an orange glow, some Shattered and some Splintered.

I’ve managed to track down a few of these individuals, speaking with them to see the Fragments for myself.  SuzeLaRousee Milo, Raze Repine, and the shuffling zombie Dexter Bogdanovich showed me their various Fragments.  Each one expressed confusion or theories about what to do with the strange trinkets.  Other names I’ve heard mentioned were Kaenor Braveheart and Tsukiko Dreamscape but I haven’t personally confirmed this nor have I spoken with them.  Furthermore, I see no connection at this time between these tiny glowing bits and the crystals I’ve uncovered in my digging, but who knows?

Regardless, there’s plenty other theories about the Fragments.  Some Wastelanders think they contain power.  They suspect the Fragments supply energy for old-world tech like the salvage machine or maybe even something like the rustman.  Some are working together to see if the salvager will do something with the fragments, throwing them into that old metal machine with other salvage or other fragments … hoping to uncover something new.  Most everyone agrees that the fragments are tied to that rumor of an orange sparkle on the horizon.  Do the pieces have power by themselves?  Are they parts of a larger whole?  Are there more to be found?

The curious believe the Fragments should be pieced together.
The cautious wonder if these things are best kept apart.
The confused are evasive and secretive about the fragments they hold.

Until something more is found or discovered by the Wastelanders, these Fragments remain just that…fragments of what looks to be a larger mystery continuing to unfold…