An Elderly Disposition

The Old Man known as "Gill"
The Old Man known as "Gill"

Gill.  The Old Man.  Some have called him a scholar.  Some believe him to be an old scientist.  Others even accuse him of alchemy.  Whether any of that is true, the Press has not determined but we do know the old man considers himself a collector of rare metal containers and valuable items with no interest in common scraps.

Recently, a few Wastelanders managed to speak with Gill while none of his guards were present.  That old saying ‘Respect your Elders’ may have paid off and my sources acquired some insight into the old man’s possible motives.

First, the old man doesn’t care about the tiny orange fragments … although he IS interested in any larger fragments Wastelanders manage to get their hands on.  He claims to know the purpose of the fragments and that he has the skills and knowledge necessary to fuse them together.

That seems very exciting, but one can’t help but wonder if his assistance is really needed?  As we reported earlier, several of the Wastelanders have learned the process for making a larger fragment on their own, without any direct aid from this old man.

Second, according to my sources, the old man requires the use of a salvage masheen to do his work but insists the Tin Man will violently stand in his way (as witnessed by the Scarab, VoidTraveler Seetan).  Gill is also aware of the unearthed salvager in Fort Stygian and believes the Wastelanders should claim ownership of this machine for themselves, by keeping the Tin Man far away from it.

Lastly, either with discontent or feeble paranoia, Gill seems eager to rant about the oppressive and watchful control of the powerful NeoBokrug.  There definitely appears to be familiarity, recognition, and shared animosity between the old man and the rust man.  But from when, where, and why?

Is there any truth to the old man’s accusations about the Tin Man?  Of course, the Tin Man has always been one of the most dangerous things in the Wastelands and he definitely takes pleasure from watching our fights and battles…but he also maintains the precious salvager masheens, the mechanical hearts of our settlement.  Have we become lazy and blind to danger under the Tin Man’s stewardship?  Are we merely pawns at the whim of both the Tin Man and the Old Man?

When told of the Old Man’s words, some Wastelanders are either curious or dismissive.  “Is the old man our savior or just another tyrant?” pondered Raze Repine.   The mutant witch, Ccindy Pfeffer, overheard this and remarked “What ever he is…his life is way weaker than the one of the tin man”.

That’s definitely a good question, and perhaps a very valid answer.  In the meantime, I hope to learn more of the history between Gill and NeoBokrug.   That may shed some light on where to stand (or duck for cover) in the tension between these two adversaries.