Pieces and Possibilities

After the other day’s exciting developments in trust and cooperation (see my earlier report), much bartering and discussion happened among the fragment owners. At one point recently, it seemed that negotiation and barter had broken down into a return of self-interest… that no more crystal building would happen.

Fortunately as the Witch Ccindy Pfeffer suggested, a meeting of wastelanders and scavengers happened yesterday evening after War Zone, at the Chaoseum.  Many voices were heard, and some old grievances aired. Some called for violence to settle the questions. Some called for delay and thought. Raze Repine acted as a moderator, to some extent, and presented the evidence witnessed and found so far. Discussion focused on who should hold the remaining fragments, and determining the motives of the old man, “Gill”.

When the meeting seemed to end with a stalemate discussion, Kaenor Braveheart, a holder of one of the crystal fragments, bravely suggested meeting with VoidTraveler Seetan in the Scarabs underground hole. This reporter had a chance to observe the negotiations that followed.  Aposiopesis Fullstop accompanied Kaenor.  Tsukiko Dreamscape and Kanuck Heliosense also observed.

The Scarab leader, Void, had heard some rough words at the town meeting but was willing to listen and trade ideas.  Many suggestions went back and forth, some repeated from the earlier meeting.  Aposiopesis kept the meeting going, showing gravitas and diplomacy. Unexpectedly the Black Market ghoul, Pirate Graves, entered and that seemed to provide a catalyst for an agreement.

The new denizen, Kaenor Braveheart,  showing good faith, made the Scarab chief an offer. Items were exchanged. This reporter will keep a veil over the details, for now, but the bottom line is that at least one more larger crystal fragment can be created, and the road is clear for the third and final one to be made.

Meeting in the Scarab Lair
Meeting in the Scarab Lair - Photo by Patrice Cournoyer

Bloodshed and wasted ammunition, best saved for later, was thankfully avoided.  It now seems the Wastelanders can proceed…but what will happen next?

Will the crystal fragments (assuming the remaining two are made) be combined.. if they are, what will the result be, and who will hold it?

Will the result be useful? Perhaps to revive the Salvage Masheen in Fort Stygian as some suspect?

Would the combination of crystal fragments trigger other reactions, perhaps attracting the red-eye flying masheens witnessed by a few

What involvement should we allow between the old man and the fragments?  Some Wastelanders have heard him speak sharply of the Tin Man, but we know he’s also expressed specific interest in the larger fragments.

And, finally, what role will the Tin Man play as this develops?

Time will tell…