A Voice of Protest from the Vault

Jubal's Protest

For the most part, it’s been a quiet couple of weeks in the Wastelands…almost too quiet after the recent buzz of events.  One voice, however, has spoken up to break the silence.  Following words with action, the Vault-dweller Jubal Quintus has begun a campaign of risky protest against the Tin Man’s control of the salvage masheens.  As reported earlier by the Press, Jubal carries strong opinions and an interesting perspective regarding the metal man and the salvagers.

Some of Jubal’s ideas walk a path near those of the old man, Gill, and yet there are differences.  Those that have dealt with that curious collector have heard his arguments to stand against the Tin Man’s supposed tyranny and steely control of the salvage masheens.  He’s encouraged folks to fight for their “freedom” and assert control over the recently unearthed salvager in Stygian.  The Old Man has also implied he may know how to fix that masheen for us, if he can only get his hands on some rare and valuable items.  From what we’ve learned, the Old Man’s interest in rare supplies goes beyond just the Fragments.

Meanwhile, Jubal shrugs off any suggestions he’s allied with or following the ideas of the Old Man.  He hikes across the sands of our settlement, preaching defiance against the Tin Man and the salvage masheens.  He stands opposed to the ease and comfort they provide, wishing to disrupt the dominance of the Tin Man and the old world devices.  He’s even gone so far as to claim the deadly Brominites are tools of the Tin Man, but some of the things we’ve witnessed in the past contradict that theory.   Regardless of any potentially misplaced suspicions, Jubal proudly dreams of Wastelanders learning to do for themselves, to build and craft their own needs instead of being herded about as “cattle”.

The march of protest

Jubal doesn’t stand alone.  He’s quickly gathered eager protesters in his wake, happy to brandish his rough signs and pointed slogans.  They’ve also acquired curious onlookers, challenging the Vault-dweller with questions.  Some dismissively scoff at the preaching.  Others listen carefully and observe; biding their time to see how this develops…wondering how long before this bunch, this Contra Tech Cabal, crosses paths with the Tin Man.

If the Wastelanders have indeed become “cattle” as Jubal believes, then the cattle of the Cabal may need to grow a mighty strong set of horns if they wish to successfully defy the Tin Man.  Otherwise, they may find themselves ushered to the abattoir of their own slaughter.

Meanwhile, there must be something to learn from that Old Man, despite his outspoken hatred for the Tin Man.  Maybe Gill does indeed possess the knowledge and skill Wastelanders need for a new way of living, a new way of sustaining ourselves?  Maybe he just lacks the supplies and tools he needs to help those that wish to be helped?  Folks are still suspicious of him it seems.  Any Wastelander worth their weight in salvage knows every scavenger they meet carries an agenda among their rags, whether it’s spoken loudly on a battered placard or silently veiled behind their eyes.  For now, the silence returns and the Press will continue to listen carefully for any whispers, or shouts, carried on the wind…