Iron Lizard

Lizardman Ironblood Mechanique wins this week's Fight Night. Photo by Patrice Cournoyer

This fight night was well attended. As the sun started to set, a throng had already gathered and more came in as the night crept in. The Tin Man set the rules in his usual fashion… arbitrarily. This night the fight decisions were to be point based, not tournament style.

In the first round the matches were, first: Merk Thor v. Monofio Pinion; Mono was the winner. Second: Malsain Infinity v. Nad Warrior. Malsain was the winner. These two matches were over so fast that spectators were saying this Fight Night would be a record for swift finish. The arena was acclaimed as victor but Mono was the official victor over Merk, and Malsain over Nad.

Next was a longer battle between the belligerent mouse, theblackcloud Oh, and Ironblood Mechanique, whose long time in the desert had transformed him into a lizard or dinosaur shape. After much combat the lizard vanquished the mouse.

Kezz Mauriac and Ccindy Pfeffer proceeded to the arena, Kezz wielding machete, and Ccindy a board studded with nails. Another tense duel stretched out over minutes with Kezz emerging victorious.

Zander Paule fought the bulky tradesman Raze Rapine, but long experience in the arena was to Raze’s advantage as he won against the first timer easily.

Kaenor Braveheart then took on Nad Warrior, Kaenor choosing to use a ripper pistol in an evening mostly dominated by melee weapons. A cunning double “Hooper” (a move named after Ridley Hooper, using the gas  jets to get healing)  left Kaenor the winner.

In the the second round:

Raze went up against Mono in a spike filled event which had the audience counting blood spurts, poison thrusts and healing. Raze was counted the winner.

Ironblood took on Zander in a drawn out match. Ironblood prevailing with the knife.

Kaenor then went up against Malsain but his ripper did not help him; perhaps Malsain’s cloak made aiming hard. Malsain won.

Kezz with machete slugged it out with Merk’s nail studded board, and the machete won.

Ccindy then fought out a classic battle with theblackcloud. Ccindy sportingly gave the mouse time to adjust her weapons, angering many in the crowd.

In a 3 way elimination bout Mono prevailed over Kaenor and Ccindy in an epic fight which had some in the crowd, still hungry for violence, shouting out for the tin man to use his ‘slug thrower’. It is said that this is a powerful rifle used only by the tin man. Many in the crowd were disappointed that it was not wielded.

An unusual finale saw 5 contestants, having equal scores, Raze, Malsain, Ironblood and Kezz in the holding cells, and Monofio in the middle of the arena. Blood and poison flowed, and the lizard Ironblood was acclaimed the winner, using the clobbering stick. Malsain and Kezz tied for second place.

This was a long and satisfying series of bouts that drew a large and vocal audience. Thanks were expressed to the Tin Man, and to the participants, as spectators wandered off into the desert wastes, and the three winners counted their prizes.