Warzone Hat Trick

Warzone this Saturday got off to a late start due to unforeseen difficulties, however once it was in progress, it was no less entertaining. Teams of five were assembled, consisting of Zeroyel Katsu, VoidTraveler Seetan, Gomi Mfume, Kezz Mauriac & Diamanda Gustafson (Team 1), and Kaenor Braveheart, Pirate Graves, Tayasha Tammas, Aposiopesis Fullstop, & Gutterblood Spoonhammer (Team 2).

Both teams were sent on their way to opposite sides of the arena with 1 rifle per team.

Team 2 began down one man as Kaenor had to bow out early, however fought a contentious round as Zeroyel snatched up the flag early, escaping to the west and holding the flag for a fair amount of time. Gutterblood attacked Zeroyel one on one and managed to take flag from him, but was accosted by VoidTraveler and Kezz. Kezz managed to take the flag, downed by Aposiopesis. Gutterblood regained the flag and escaped north towards the Barracks, trailed by Zeroyel but backed up by Pirate, who wielded Team 2’s rifle. Zeroyel’s efforts to recapture the flag were in vain, however, as the round ended. The final time count left Team 2 winning by a slim 7 seconds.


The Vietname arena map
The Vietnam arena map

Things were mixed up a bit for round two, as the arena was changed to the ‘Vietnam’ map – one which features gas, saws, mines and traps, all clustered around the center, where the flag resides at the start of each round. Again, the contestants joined their groups at opposite sides of the arena and the buzzer sounded to begin the round. Various fighters reached the flag after some difficulty, but Kezz managed to snag it and escaped to the great hill to the northwest, holding the flag for some time until Gutterblood stole it and escaped to the southwest, accompanied by Tayasha Tamas and again pursued by Zeroyel. However, hiding behind the warehouse in the west, Gutterblood was able to keep possession to the end, holding the flag for significantly longer.

As the first two rounds were both won by Team 2, the third round proceeded as an exhibition and one last opportunity for Team 1 to show what they were capable of. The round began with the arena still littered with gas, saws, mines and traps. Aposiopesis grabbed the flag early and headed west, as teammates fought Team 1 off in between. She headed towards the warehouse, then north around the hill to the Barracks, where Kezz and Void sought entrance while Diamanda and Tayasha fought at a distance somewhat south of the Barracks. Team 1 continued to barrage the Barracks to the end, but to no avail, as the round ended with Aposiopesis as the sole flag-holder.

Members of Team 2 were rewarded with a cash prize for their success.


Team 2 claimed the prize this week
Team 2 claimed the prize this week


Team 1 looks on with consternation
Team 1 looks on with consternation


(( Editor’s Note:  War Zone is held in Hambone Slash every second and fourth Saturday of the month at 3PM SLT.))