Chasing Victory

Last week’s Warzone found Aposiopesis Fullstop, Agustsa Jun and Psycho Baroque (Team One) pitted against TheBlackCloud Oh, Malice Shepherd and Paytok Ghost (Team Two) in the sim wide flag-capture game, characterized this week mostly by extended chases and takedowns.

Warzone, June 13.

Round one got off to a false start, however once the round began properly, the teams converged on the Potato Farm over the new ‘Careful Steps’ map, TheBlackCloud snatching up the flag early on, with a tight following towards the north by Agustsa, who was accosted by Malice.  The Mouse hid in the Warehouse to the west, then to the heavily fortified Barracks to the north, where Paytrok arrived after some time, presuming all others were incapacitated.  Not more than a minute later, Aposiopesis and Agustsa arrived, mowing down Paytrok as they made an effort for the flag.  Overtaking TheBlackCloud there and then, Agustsa claimed the flag and both escaped to the south without pursuit.  Agustsa took the flag to the south, around the murky pool, and finally to the arena, where his team was successfully able to keep the others off until the end of the round.

In Round Two, Aposiopesis reached the flag first, heading to the Barracks, while Pyscho fell early in a skirmish just north of the Arena.  Malice made an effort to chase her down, however he was accosted by Agustsa, and both eventually fell at the base of the Barracks, leaving Aposiopesis a solid view of her surroundings.  Staying put for only a few moments, Fullstop took the flag southwest, up over the huge hill that overlooks the pool.  This turned out to be a poor choice, as Paytrok took her out with a rifle as she moved towards the east.  Paytrok took the flag west along the cliffs surrounding the pool, but was eventually accosted by Agustsa as he reached the south-western side.  The flag followed Agustsa east once again towards the arena, where he waited as other combatants strove to catch up.  In an effort to shake off fighters from Team Two, Agustsa made his way back in to the arena, a gambit that put Malice out of commission and allowed Team One to escape northward.  An intermediate skirmish took Agustsa down, Paytrok taking up the flag once again, but almost immediately being taken down himself by Psycho Baroque.  Psycho took the flag to the Barracks and held it there for quite some time, until Malice arrived, taking down Aposiopesis, but himself being incapacitated by Agustsa.  The round ended, and the members of Team One were declared the winners of the round.

One last exhibition round was played afterwards – this time, contestants all agreed to fight with clobbering sticks only.  Aposiopesis grabbed the flag before TheBlackCloud could get to it, but the Mouse stole it and headed for the hills in a drawn out chase which took everyone back to the arena.  There, Agustsa grabbed the flag, but fell quickly to an arena trap.  Taking the opportunity to grab the flag for himself, Malice took the flag and was chased northward, but successfully held it for the remainder of the round with few casualties.  Upon inquiry as to who won, NeoBokrug declared that ‘Everyone did!’ and proceeded to reward all participants with copies of the Resident only Wastelands 1.75 HUD.

Warzone, June 13.
This Week's Winners - Agustsa Jun, Aposiopesis Fullstop, Psycho Baroque

For their efforts, Team One was also awarded a Victory Platter.

Warzone, June 13.
Team Two; Malice Shepherd, Paytrok Ghost and TheBlackCloud Oh

(( Editor’s Note:  War Zone is held in Hambone Slash every second and fourth Saturday of the month at 3PM SLT.))

More photos from this event available here.

Warzone, June 13.Warzone, June 13.Warzone, June 13.