Press uncovers video-camera, releases footage of recent Warzone

Staff at the Post-Apocalyptic Press came about an odd piece of equipment just over a week and a half ago, hidden underneath a bit of sand where the precious bits of paper are stored.  Found in a tattered cardboard box, any hint at operating procedures had long since rotted away.  After some experimentation, however, staff were able to get the item going, and found it to be a device used for recording movies, which have been in evidence in Burnt Oak for some time.  Having found blank cartridges alongside the ‘video camera’, the Press decided to film events ongoing in Hambone Slash that day.

The results are presented as follows.

(( OOC Editor’s note: These are formatted as introductions to the game and some footage of the gameplay itself. I didn’t think to hide the UI at the time, but will in the future. I’ve also done some cutting to the wait times on the second clip in the interests of time. ))

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