Fight Night: Revenge – July 25, 2009

The Potato Farm Billboard
The Potato Farm Billboard

Here are the results of Fight Night from last weekend’s special session of ‘Revenge”, served up to the masses by the Relic Excavator, Sandusky Kayvon.  The losers of each fight were allowed to wickedly choose the Potato Farm configuration for the next set of fighters to contend with from a large billboard poster erected next to the Arena in Hambone Slash.

The participants in Fight Night: Revenge were Paytrok Ghost, Agustsa Jun, Psycho Baroque, Pirate Graves, VoidTraverler Seetan, theblackcloud Oh, Robin Varriale, Aposiopesis Fullstop, Kaycen Lament, and Sandusky Kayvon.

The final winner was once again the Renegade, Robin Varriale, adding further to his current winning streak.

Fight Night Results - 07-25-09.  Winner: Robin Varriale
Fight Night Results - 07-25-09. Winner: Robin Varriale