Words from the Witch

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The Witch and the Crystal
The Witch and the Crystal

A rough note in scrawled script has landed in the hands of the Post-Apocalyptic Press.  It reveals the current whereabouts of that mysterious Fire Crystal that some of the Wastelanders crafted a moon or so ago.  It seems there’s still some question about what the Wastelanders should do with the strange crystal, especially in regards to the Tin Man, NeoBokrug Elytis, and the Old Man, Gill…both of whom have shown an interest in acquiring the crystal.

The note itself is from the notorious mutant witch, Ccindy Pfeffer, entrusted with the Fire Crystal by Raze Repine just before he left for the outer Wastes.   The witch writes the following for her fellow Wastelanders to consider:


For the Fire Cristal, there are 5 options we might choose:

#1. hand the cristal to the tinman.
#2. hand the cristal to the old man named gill.
#3. put it into a shrine of the king of fire and worship it.
#4. smash it to pieces and trow them into the firehill and hope it will be gone than.
#5. I realy dont care.

So how do u vote?
Leave me a note at the postbox at my bunker.
At the end, its simple … whatever gets most votes will be done, no matter what.

Ur favorite mutant witch and current holder of the Fire Crystal.
Ccindy Pfeffer

((Make a new Notecard, name it after yourself so it’s easier to know who it’s from.
Write down only one of the above options you prefer…no more, no less.
Every notecard with no options or more than one option or irrelevant will be counted as “#5. I realy dont care.”
Give the notecard the following permissions:
No Mod/Copy/Trans – (so it can passed to others for second count if wished and so no one counting can change the votes)
Drag the Notecard from your inventory while holding the Control key and place it in the postbox at my bunker ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fort%20Stygian/184/59/69 ).

This vote will be running untill 1st of september .
No votes after that will be accepted.  Sorry but this can’t wait forever.))