Gruelling Arena Battle decides tie between combattants at WarZone, August 1.

Attracting numerous fighters for the first Warzone in two months, two teams were formed, consisting of Paytok Ghost, Psycho Baroque, Gutterblood Spoonhammer and Todd Sage for Team One and Agustsa Jun, Aposiopesis Fullstop, Robin Varialle, and Asynja Jiagu for Team 2.

This event featured the introduction of the Wastelands v. 1.75 HUDs for active use, as well as a new radioactive flag which deals considerable damage to the carrier over time.

From the beginning of the first round, Gutterblood took up the flag, escaping north and transferring the flag to Paytrok near the Barracks, with Aposiopesis close behind in pursuit.  Both Paytrok and Aposiopesis exchanged gunfire, Apo eventually falling and unable to overtake him.  The flag changed hands again between Psycho and Robin, who led the chase back to the Potato Farm, hiding in a cell until accosted by Gutterblood, who took the flag towards the west once again, accompanied by and eventually passing the flag to Todd.  Accosted by Aposiopesis and Agustsa for a short time, Todd transferred the flag back to Gutterblood, who took the flag northward and eventually transferred the flag back to Paytrok.  Facing fire from Agustsa and Aposiopesis, Paytrok fell near the Barracks, but technically held the flag for some time until Todd Sage picked it up, eventually losing it to Agustsa.  As the round drew to a close, Team One was identified as having held the flag the longest.

Round Two saw Robin Varriale grabbing the flag early and running north to the Barracks accosted and eventually being overcome by Gutterblood.  Gutterblood passed  the flag to teammate Paytrok, who took the flag to the south, near a similar building near the arena, but whom eventually gave up the flag to Robin, who took the flag back to the Potato Farm.  From Robin, Aposiopesis took over flag carrier duty for a short while, who left the arena but was taken down quickly by Paytrock.  Paytrok’s victory was short-lived as he expired near the pool to the west, losing the flag to Team Two’s Asynja Jiagu. Remarkably, despite the short time remaining for the round, a passerby stole the flag from play, and the round ended, with the majority flag holding time called for Team Two.

The third round tiebreaker found both teams pitted against eachother not for the flag, but locked in combat confined to the Potato Farm with only fist wraps and the arena’s inherent (and changing) traps.  The arena cycled through a gruelling combination of different combinations, beginning with a clear map, then to the aptly named ‘OneSided‘, pit-ridden ‘BattleChess‘, ‘TheGap2’ and finally spike-infested ‘Sandworm’.  Wiley fighters successfully avoided these traps for nearly twenty minutes and as the fight drew to a close, of remaining three fighters, Aposiopesis fell first, followed by Psycho.  As last man standing, Robin Varialle won the round and match for Team 2.

The Wastelands, Aug 1 2009Victors (left to right): Asynja Jiagu, Agustsa Jun, Aposiopesis Fullstop and Robin Varialle.

Team One (left to right): Psycho Baroque, Paytrok Ghost, Gutterblood Spoonhammer and Todd Sage.Team One (left to right): Psycho Baroque, Paytrok Ghost, Gutterblood Spoonhammer and Todd Sage.

(( Warzone is held on the first of every month, 3PM PDT at Hambone Slash, The Wastelands, in Second Life.  These and more photos from recent and older events available here .))