Wastelands Redux: A Ripple of Change

The Old Mans Tent...and his new Salvager
The Old Man's Tent...and his new Salvager

If a scavenger kicked a rock from the Fissure’s edge or knocked a loose metal panel from a swamp catwalk, these objects would drop into the dark tepid waters below, sending slow ripples from the impact.  These little waves roll over the dark surface.  Circular lines expand from a point or points, reflecting from other objects, overlapping with other ripples still emanating.

Something or someone is having the same effect within the Wastelands in a couple of ways.

The winds, the sands, and the swamps of our settlement have always been harsh and unpredictable.  They’re well known to often swallow an entire building or cough up something new and unforeseen overnight.  This time, however, it’s different.  All of the Wastelanders sense something in the air and water, in the sand and rocks.  An inexplicable and invisible change is slowly rippling through the land.

Perhaps one indication is the activity of the Founders.  I’ve heard the satisfied chuckles of the road patrolman, Gutterblood.  I’ve seen a wicked gleam in the off-color eyes of Experiment SX-O3, Ash Garden.  The Arena Lord, Makaio Stygian, sharpens his knives.  The Ace of Parts, Sandling Honey, eyes the horizon far and the ground near with sharp eyes and senses.  And steam pours from the Tin-Man’s hat, his metal brain working overtime.

But those are only observations of behavior.  Myself?  I dig the earth…always digging to see what I can find.  I was very surprised that I didn’t have to dig at all this evening to uncover some physical evidence of the approaching change.

Old salvage.  Items and scraps very familiar to my eyes and a few others from long ago when we were just a small group of struggling survivors.  Some of this stuff hasn’t been seen in ages.  Some of this stuff never had much use to begin with, but I’m finding it all over the place.   Could this junk, once dismissed to be worthless by many, actually have bartering value?

But it’s not just that….I’m finding new salvage also.  Items I’ve never uncovered before.  The ripples of change have churned up not only the discarded junk of our past but also new scraps and supplies.

So what to do?  Visit the salvager masheen of course.  Too bad it’s not working.  Too bad it’s spitting out dark smoke.  Too bad ALL of the salvagers I visited were coughing up black clouds and fumes.  Every salvage masheen in the Wastelands is broken and busted.  All except one I discovered…but try as I might, I couldn’t get it to turn on for me.   A certain Old Man we’re all quite aware of has been busy.

The Old Man, Gill, has apparently salvaged the parts of the Stygian salvage masheen, uncovered by the Tin Man some months ago.  It sits within a fenced perimeter next to his tent on the edge of Stygian’s crater.  By all appearances, he intends to control this masheen for his own ends and perhaps any willing to approach him.  Given the obvious sabotage of the other salvage masheens, his timing is certainly convenient and fortunate for him.

The Press can only speculate how long this situation will last before the Tin Man finds a way to fix the salvage masheens…if he can.  In the meantime, the Press will be keeping its eyes and ears open for any news from fellow Wastelanders on further developments…

((Editor’s Note:  The Press would like to once again remind folks to please drop us a notecard or snapshot at one of our mailboxes at the Press if you’d like to share some news, photos, or information you’ve uncovered.  We can only write about the things you see or experience during this time of change and as the RP Quest develops if someone tells us about it.  Thank you – Sandusky Kayvon))