Bartering Lines: The Old Man and the Masheen

((Dev Note:  The following story describes how the Old Man, Gill, is in charge of the only currently functional salvage machine in the Wastelands estate.  Details on how he conducts his business for using the salvage machine lie within the story and are outlined at the end.))

The Old Man and the Masheen
The Old Man and the Masheen

Word traveled fast the other night when the news broke about the salvager sabotage and the appearance of a new masheen, next to the Old Man’s tent.  Scavengers quickly looked upon the broken salvagers themselves, to believe the news with their own eyes.  Some immediately raced to the Old Man’s tent where Gill waited, apparently expecting visitors given the recent turn of events.  Aposiopesis Fullstop was the first to the scene.  Soon, others arrived…namely VoidTraveler Seetan, shawn Topaz, Agustsa Jun, Leovinus Skytower, Kezz Mauriac, and myself.

While the scavengers eyeballed the Old Man’s salvage masheen, Gill grumbled on about his long absence, having been away in the outer wastes searching for strange hard-to-find items.  He thought some of these items might be found in our settlement by one of our folk (he mentioned something called a “compass”) but no one approached him with any such unique devices.  Perhaps they lie forgotten in some scavenger’s backpack.

The Old Man also seemed agitated that his tent was robbed while he was away.  Some of the strange items he kept there are nowhere to be found such as that nasty metal knife and ominous rust man hat as well as some sand-hippo tusks.  The security he employed from a few Wastelanders relaxed a bit while he was gone, much to his disgust.

Wastelanders gather at the Tent (l-to-r clockwise: Leovinus Skytower, shawn Topaz, Aposiopesis Fullstop, Gill, VoidTraveler Seetan, Agustsa Jun, Sandusky Kayvon)
Wastelanders gather at the Tent (l-to-r clockwise: Leovinus Skytower, shawn Topaz, Aposiopesis Fullstop, Gill, VoidTraveler Seetan, Agustsa Jun, Sandusky Kayvon)

Regardless, the scavengers present didn’t waste much time grilling the Old Man about the salvage masheen and the sabotage.  Gill denied any involvement in the sabotage of the other salvage masheens.  This was met with much skepticism from all present.  The Old Man has yet to earn folks’ trust and understandably so… Wastelanders know better than to trust anyone easily in this land.  Still, Gill scoffed at the idea that the Tin Man should be trusted for support in these hard times, stating:  “Haven’t you seen him scavenge enough machines? It’s obvious he doesn’t remember how to fix them, he can only replace broken parts.”

Gill did admit, however, to hiring some strong arms to drag the Stygian salvager wreckage, uncovered by the Tin Man, to his tent.  Once there, the Old Man got it working again and secured it under lock and key so only he can operate the device.  He welcomes any scavenger wishing to do business with him and his masheen, currently the only functioning salvager in the settlement, to seek him out at his tent.

Doing business with the Old Man comes at the price of a few pieces of salvage and also depends on what folks ask for.  Nonetheless, he proposed this much for any first-timers: “As an act of good faith, I will craft something for free for everyone. Once.”

VoidTraveler Seetan was the first to take him up on the offer, handing the old man what he needed to make some shoulder pads and Gill quickly crafted the armor.  Aposiopesis Fullstop has also used the Old Man’s services, giving him the ingredients needed for a med kit.  Gill requested electrical parts as payment for his work.

Since his tent is bound to be a hot spot center of attention due to his salvage masheen, Gill has once again hired eager bodyguards with the promise of some reward.  Maybe if his tent isn’t robbed again, he’ll actually be able to make good on his promise to pay them, unlike last time…

Apart from some harsh questions and accusations among the scavengers and the old man, the Wastelanders seem to have grudgingly accepted the turn of events placing Gill in a position of power over the settlement…but only for now perhaps until they find a way to circumvent the Old Man.  Wastelanders are a sly and opportunistic bunch to say the least.  They have to be in order to survive.

Wastelanders question the Old Man (from l to r: Sandusky Kayvon, Kezz Mauriac, Aposipesis Fullstop, shawn Topaz, VoidTraveler Seetan, Agustsa Jun, Kazuhiro Aridian and Gill)
Wastelanders question the Old Man (from l to r: Sandusky Kayvon, Kezz Mauriac, Aposipesis Fullstop, shawn Topaz, VoidTraveler Seetan, Agustsa Jun, Kazuhiro Aridian and Gill)

After finally meeting Gill, face-to-face, I have to admit I have many more questions for the Old Man.  Before I left him and the others that night, I pointedly requested a chance to speak to him…to offer him an opportunity to spread his words to the community…to know more about his “good intentions” to “free ourselves from the tin man’s control.”  I reckon we’ll see if he’s bold enough to do so, because he seems to know an awful lot about the fierce Brominites we’ve encountered in the past, mentioning some things about Brominite Hives…

Also, I could have sworn I saw a strange creature silently fly down from the night sky and perch upon the Old Man’s tent, watching us with what I suppose would be a toothy grin of amusement?  But maybe the smoke and heat from the crater was playing a trick on my mind…

((Dev Note:  Bartering for Supplies with the Old Man, Gill

If you wish to use Gill’s salvage machine, first you have to find him when he’s at his tent in Fort Stygian!

For the unaware, “Gill” is only a character name.  His avatar name is Test Day.  His online availability is entirely at HIS discretion.  DO NOT send IM’s requesting him to log in just to do business. You are entirely at his mercy.  If you insist on doing so, you’ll probably get a stern warning from Neo or a temporary ban from the game, so consider yourself warned.  Treat this as an in-world RP/game experience:  your ability to get new salvager supplies rests in the hands of an elusive old man keeping tight control over his masheen.

Now, if you DO find Gill while he’s at his tent (and talk your way past his guards), he will make something for you free-of-charge for the first time and only once.   The fee for his services will be 1 or more pieces of salvage chosen by him and depending on the type of product you request.

Gill will only make version 1 salvage goods.  New weapons, armor, and objects for Wastelands Redux are not known to him.

Gill will only make v1 salvage goods for which you already know the recipe and already possess the necessary salvage to do so.  In other words, he will not make something that you don’t know how to make for yourself.  If you don’t know what it takes to make a certain item, he will not be able to help you.))