Fight Night – Aug 29, 2009

Fight Night, Aug 29 2009
Psycho Baroque (2), Paytrok Ghost (1) and Dawnevea Destiny, this week’s finalists.

Round One:

Combattants Weapons Map Winner
Dawnevea Destiny Ripper Pistol
Dassina Andel Ripper Pistol
Prince of Persia Dawnevea Destiny

Remarks: Minimal trap damage.

Dragnar Drake Rattlesnake
Agustsa Jun Board with Nails
Russian Roulette Agustsa Jun

Remarks: Poison and bleed damage on both. Dragnar attempted Hooper Gambit multiple times, fell due to excessive poison damage.

Paytrok Ghost Crowbill, Ripper Pistol
Shawn Topaz Knife
Minefield Paytrok Ghost

Remarks: Paytok switched to Ripper pistol mid-fight. Shawn fell after fighting and multiple run-ins with mines.

Pietro Moskvitch Ripper Pistol*
Psycho Baroque Ripper Pistol
Spiderweb Pietro Moskvitch

Remarks: None.
*WL 1.75 Edition

Redemption Round

Dassina Andel Ripper Pistol
Dragnar Drake Ripper Pistol
Spiderweb Dragnar Drake

Remarks: Spike damage on both.

Shawn Topaz Knife
Psycho Baroque Board with Nails
Squaredance Psycho Baroque

Remarks: Minimal traps.

Round Two:

Dragnar Drake Rattlesnake
Psycho Baroque Board with Nails
SOS Psycho Baroque

Remarks: Multiple spike damage on Dragnar, taken out by mine.

Dawnevea Destiny Fistwraps
Agustsa Jun Fistwraps
Fogpit Dawnevea Destiny

Remarks: Multiple poison and healing gas triggers for both combatants.

Paytrok Ghost Crowbill
Pietro Moskvitch Board with Nails
Shark Attack Paytrok Ghost

Remarks: Calculated evasion by Paytrok. Pietro hit poison and saws before falling.

Final Round:

Dawnevea Destiny Hunters Rifle
Paytrok Ghost Ripper Pistol
Psycho Baroque Knife
Prince of Persia 3

Remarks: Dawnevea sustained mine and spike damage early, as did Psycho. Payrok emerged victor, winning weapon never seen before, ‘Kidney Burster’

As a reminder, the Tin Man notes next week is Warzone, during which teams will have a chance at a completely new victory platter, full of WL 1.75 goodies.

(( Editor’s Note: As you can see, we are experimenting with a new format of displaying info for Fight Night results – it should be a bit clearer and we eventually hope to link up photos of each map as well – I have a small but growing collection thus far. Please let us know what you think on the reply thread to this posting on the Wastelands Forums.

Fight Night runs on the second, third and fourth Saturdays of each month at The Potato Farm, Hambone Slash, in The Wastelands, 3PM PDT. The above photo and other Wasteland event photos are available here – A.S.))