Reflection and Reaction from the Trade Post

Jubal Quintus of the Trade Post
Jubal Quintus of the Trade Post

Mr. Jubal Quintus, the Trade Post proprietor, was known to be an advocate for the Old Man, Gill, and a proponent for overthrowing the rule of the Tin Man. So, I was interested to sit down and talk with him about the recent events in the Trade Post, which is currently under renovation.  Here is what I learned in the interview –

Patrice Cournoyer: So…Mr. Quintus…I guess you heard the doings with the Old Man, Gill?

Jubal Quintus: I caught rumblings a few days ago, but honestly, it’s all Wasteland hearsay, I don’t know the facts.

Patrice Cournoyer: Well, I was there, I did write an account for this paper…and I guess maybe you heard Apo’s version.  If you have any questions about what happened, ask me.

Jubal Quintus: Yeah, Apo fills me in from time to time, as well as other folks.  The ghoul version was a bit dark, but I try to mesh ‘em all to make a complete story. Well, no one can tell me if the old man is dead or not, some say he was gunned down by the Tin Man, others say he ran off, which seems unlikely.

Patrice Cournoyer: I think Gill got away.  Ok… I wondered, as you seemed quite sympathetic to Gill, do you feel a bit let down or surprised at what happened?

Jubal Quintus: I see.  Well, yeah, I was sympathetic to him.  I thought he would be the one to help us all step up and move on to a better, more self sufficient life.  But, from what I’ve heard, he was just a flesh and bones version of the Tin Man.  He just wanted power and control.  Metal or flesh, a tyrant is a tyrant and can’t be tolerated.

Patrice Cournoyer: He got mighty scared when he saw the Tin Man and Gutterblood coming…but so did some other folk; lots of brave talk up to that point, and then some silence.

Jubal Quintus: I heard the Tin Man and that Gutterblood held the people at gun point and made them move the masheen the old man dipped in the fire lake.  Is that true?

Patrice Cournoyer: It is true we all helped move the masheen… but no threats were uttered- people were dismayed that the masheen was broken.

Jubal Quintus: A shame really, it was the best thing to happen to it.  But, the people spoke their minds and they put their trust in the Tin Man.  I still believe he’s a tyrant, but now it seems he’s been “elected” after a fashion.

Patrice Cournoyer: I was going to ask about the witch’s tally… do you think the masheens being fixed… made a difference in the voting?

Jubal Quintus: Probably.  If you charm the people with something shiny, they will respond favorably, but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect the vote.  I’m a business man and the market is based on trends set by the people; each one wields a vote through their power of trade and purchase.  I base my existence out here on just that.  The people speak and a good business man listens.

Patrice Cournoyer: Thanks…one more question

Jubal Quintus: Sure.

Patrice Cournoyer: The witch and some others predicted that mechanical birds… or some such thing might attack, if the Tin Man regained control of the masheens. So far no sign of that… is that just a superstition, do you think?

Jubal Quintus: You mean the red eyes, or Brominites as I’ve heard them called?

Patrice Cournoyer: That’s right… Apo and others saw one… before Gill appeared and I think I saw one in the sky once

Jubal Quintus: I’ve thought for a time now that those things, bearing a slight resemblance to the Tin Man in so far as their metal hides, are tools of the Tin Man to keep us afraid and reliant on him.  Past appearances of those creatures tend to go together with changes that could have an impact on him or his control.  The old fella at the bottom of the Fissure could probably tell ya bout that, if you can find his old book.

Patrice Cournoyer: I did read that book, a while back. I should take a look at it again

Patrice Cournoyer: Finally…if Gill were to reappear…would you support him?

Jubal Quintus: If Gill were to reappear, he’d find me out to claim his scalp.  The Tin Man is powerful and thusly can’t be confronted as yet, but a man who would be a tyrant can be met with force and dealt with accordingly.  So no, if I see him again, I’ll kill him.

Patrice Cournoyer: That is a clear answer! Thank you, sir.