Fight Night – Sept 12, 2009

Fight Night, September 12, 2009
VoidTraveller Seetan (2), Paytrok Ghost (1) and Psycho Baroque (3), this week’s finalists.

Contestants this week pitted against each other over two matches each to start, on a point system. Fighters with two points (wins) progressed to final round. Fighters with one point each fought each other for fourth place prize.

Points Matches:

Combattants Weapons Map Winner
Raze Repine (Unavailable)
Pirate Graves (Unavailable)
(Unavailable) Pirate Graves


Dassina Andel (Unavailable)
Augustsa Jun (Unavailable)
(Unavailable) Agustsa Jun

Remarks: None.

VoidTraveller Seetan (Unavailable)
Patrice Cournoyer (Unavailable)
(Unavailable) VoidTraveller Seetan

Remarks: None.

Dawnevea Destiny (Unavailable)
Psycho Baroque (Unavailable)
(Unavailable) Psycho Baroque

Remarks: None.

Ironblood Mechanique Knife
Paytrok Ghost Kidney Burster
The Gap Paytrok Ghost

Remarks: Spike damage on Ironblood, Paytrok chased Ironblood until he fell.

Biche Xue Knife
Raze Repine Kidney Burster
Minefield Raze Repine

Remarks: Mine damage on Raze two times, bleed on both sides.

Pirate Graves Kidney Burster
Dassina Andel Flayer
Tron Dassina Andel

Remarks: Slow start – lots of pursuit. Some saw damage on Dassina but struggled on through the end as Pirate fell.

Agustsa Jun Kidney Burster
VoidTraveller Seetan Crowbill
Hurt and Healing VoidTraveller Seetan

Remarks: Spike damage on Agustsa early on.

Patrice Cournoyer Crowbill
Dawnevea Destiny Facebreaker
Minesweeper Dawnevea Destiny

Remarks: Mine damage on Patrice twice.

Psycho Baroque Flayer
Ironblood Mechanique Knife
Minesweeper Psycho Baroque

Remarks: Minimal trap damage overall, though mine damage on IB finally brings him down.

Paytok Ghost Kidney Burster
Biche Xue Knife
Inner Circle Paytrok Ghost

Remarks: Mine damage on Biche.

King of Losers Match

Match featured contestants with one point each contesting for fourth place prize: Faceburster.

Raze Repine Kidney Burster
Pirate Graves Kidney Burster
Dassina Andel Flayer
Agustsa Jun Kidney Burster
Dawnevea Destiny Faceburster
Shark Attack Raze Repine

Remarks: Saw damage early on Raze. Agustsa and Dawnevea engaged in corner fight, while Pirate pursued Raze. Dawn was downed by Agustsa, Dassina taken down by Pirate. Pirate taken down by Raze, corner fight between Raze and Agustsa, Raze wins.

Final Round

Psycho Baroque (Unavailable)
VoidTraveller Seetan (Unavailable)
Paytrok Ghost (Unavailable)
Sandworm 3

Remarks: Bleed and poison damage all round. VoidTraveller obtained spike damage and healing gas twice in quick succession. Meanwhile, Paytrok took Psycho down after some clashing, only to receive spike damage himself. Nevertheless, he survived long enough to secure first place over Voidtraveller.

(( Editor’s Note: Apologies for the lack of info this week. A series of crashes and interruptions led to incomplete data. – A.S.

Fight Night runs on the second, third and fourth Saturdays of each month at The Potato Farm, Hambone Slash, in The Wastelands, 3PM PDT. The above photo and other Wasteland event photos are available here – A.S.))