Market Report (Jan 20 2010)

Cold winds whistled round the desert, sending sand flying as I trudged the familiar routes of our territory, keeping a low profile after a long absence outside the borders.

Looking for familiar faces and market benches I found place after place empty, only some tattered scraps of leather and bones marking locations.

It seem some trading activity still holds on, fitfully. Gone are Dawnevea’s Bunker, Wanker’s General Stoar, and the Tradepost Outlet.

However, a new Wasteland Tradepost is up with a range of items, located in The Wastelands. Destini Miles has a store, simply named Destini’s Store, in Fissure. In Fort Stygian a new store can be found underground; Polo and Nab’s Salvage. Traperos has kept their doors open in Malady, although they are offering goods made to order, prices on request. Syrrus has a store Sledgepile open, in the Wastelands.

I have been away for a while, and my sight is not what it was.. I may have missed some merchants. Please forgive that, stay tuned for the next Market Report, in 4 moon cycles.

Wasteland Market prices (for
the week of 1/13/10 -1/20/10, average)
Destini’s Store WL Trade Post Sledgepile Traperos Polo & Nabs Salvage
Nuts and Bolts 30 55
roll of tape 40
Iron Scrap 125
Pistol Barrel
CO2 Canister
Lumber 45
Bullets 150
Slugthrower 600
Sand Hippo Bacon 100 50