The Weekly Pulp (01-24-10)

It’s been a busy week in The Wastelands!   Here’s this week’s round-up of current events.

UPCOMING EVENTS: As usual, Fight Night — that venerable spectacle of slaughter and sass-talk — will be held on Saturday at 3pm SLT at The Potato Farm in Hambone Slash.

Another meeting of the Wastelands Public Works group is slated to immediately follow Fight Night, at approximately 4pm SLT.  WLPW members will discuss their ongoing projects and their new ideas.

Once it’s over, time TBA, Aposiopesis Fullstop will again be DJing at The Pipe Bomb in Malady Bog.  Watch your step when you dance, though; the floor there  is just a little bit wet.

EVENTS HIGHLIGHTS: The Wastelands Third Birthday celebration, 1000 Days in the Desert, was a phenomenal success!  Held on Saturday, January 23rd, the events began at noon SLT and didn’t fully end until around 3am.   There were far more events than could possibly be summarized in such a brief bulletin, so keep your eyes out for the full reports soon to come.

Sunday, 1/24, featured the second of Oku Ghost‘s Swamp Rats Fishing Tournaments.  A small crowd of bleary-eyed Wastelanders, still weary from partying, came out to The Pipe Bomb to cast their lines.  Aposiopesis Fullstop took first place this week with 85 points, followed closely by Angharad Gregan and Dassina Andel who tied for second with 81 points each.

PROJECTS: Dassina Andel is still seeking contributions for the Wasteland Gladiators modular obstacle course project.    Some modules are already almost complete — others still need work of many kinds, from texture application to scripting.   The more modules there are, the more versatile the event will be, so consult this forum post for more information on how to get involved.

ESTATE NEWS: NeoBokrug Elytis recently announced that, for a two-week experimental period, Telehub routing will be turned off in the Estate.  Instead of being routed to each sim’s designated Telehub, e.g. the Bunker in The Wastelands sim, you’ll be able to teleport directly to the location of your choice.  He’s seeking community feedback on the pros and cons of this experiment, and welcomes your comments in this Forum thread.

Hambone Slash will soon have land available for rent.  If you want to be lulled to sleep by the dulcet sounds of sawblades, or if there’s nothing like the sound of landmines in the morning, talk to NeoBokrug Elytis about how to stake your claim.

RP NAMEDROPS: The Lost Tribe, led by Polo Molko, is a new tribe of traders trying to find their place in the competitive salvage market.  They are based around the Lost Trade Post Bunker in Fort Stygian.

There are also rumors that, elsewhere in Fort Stygian, Hemms Osterham is leading a pack of Manimals calling themselves The Paw Tribe.