The Weekly Pulp (02-07-10)

There have been many interesting announcements this week in The Wastelands, so I’ll get right to it:

UPCOMING EVENTS: Once again, this coming Saturday will see another vicious Fight Night, held at the Arena in Hambone Slash at 3pm SLT.

There will be a Wastelands Public Works meeting in Fort Stygian afterward, at approximately 4pm SLT.

At approximately 5pm SLT, possibly later to accommodate the WLPW meeting, Aposiopesis Fullstop will be spinning an Anti-Valentine’s Day set of skewed and sarcastic love songs at The Pipe Bomb in Malady Bog.

Bait your hooks, because Oku Ghost’s Swamp Rats Fishing Tournaments will continue next Sunday at 12pm SLT at The Pipe Bomb in Malady Bog. In a new feature, the contest will include a Bounty Hunt, where an extra prize will be rewarded to any lucky fisherman, fishermanimal, fishermutant, or fisherghoul who should happen to catch a specific targeted fish. Furthermore, the contest will now be twice as long, and will run until 2pm SLT!    Prizes are L$1000 for first, L$600 for second, L$400 for third, and bait buckets for the fourth and fifth place finishers.

Also, NeoBokrug Elytis intends to create a new pen-and-paper gaming group, open to all Wastelanders and spectators.  The game would follow the Pathfinder 3.5 rulebook, which can be purchased as a PDF for USD $9.99 , and sessions would likely meet from 10am SLT to 2pm SLT every Saturday.  One or two character creation help sessions will be hosted to help newcomers learn the ropes.

EVENTS HIGHLIGHTS: This week saw another rousing rendition of Fight Night.  After a hectic and bloody three-way fight for first place, VoidTraveler Seetan barely defeated Moondoggie Iger, with Enenra Ghost coming in third.  Void received a L$1000 reward for his win, and L$500 and L$250 went to the second- and third-place finalists.  Be sure to read Aki’s full report for more details!

Giuseppe Spicoli returned to host Movie Night at the Burnt Oak Drive-In on Saturday evening.  This week’s fare was 1995’s Sonic Outlaws, a documentary on the legal and moral issues of media copyright law.  Filmed in a collage style itself, the film delved into the legal and ethical impact on musicians like Negativland, the Tape-Beatles, and EBN, who use sampling and audio collage to satirize or criticize the media.

Immediately following the film, DJ Aposiopesis Fullstop set up at the nearby Boat House to play a set of “fair use” themed music, including many bands featured in the film as well as other mash-ups, audio collages, covers, and parodies.

PROJECTS: The Wastelands Public Works meeting that followed Fight Night was a very productive one indeed.  For anyone who missed the notice, Wastelands land-owners can now pick up building textures and corrugated sheet metal sculpts in the Heapkeeper’s Shack just behind the Junkyard telehub point.

Also,  there are free, high-quality Ghoul, Tribal Mutant, and Botan avatars available for everyone on the counter of the shack opposite it.

Furthermore, new and dangerous features may be added to the Fort Stygian sim in the coming days, so be on the lookout. All these textures, items, avatars, and features have been handmade by the WLPW crew, so special thanks go out to them for the hard work! 

ESTATE NEWS: The time has come! Plots of land in Hambone Slash are now ready to rent!  It has features unlike any other sim in the estate, with a different prim bonus and new land sizes — including 512 square meter plots, holding 176 prims, for roughly L$425 a week.  As with other non-Homestead sims, salvage will be spawning on public land — so plot your new scrap-hunting routes accordingly.  More information can be found in the Notecard that was distributed in Group Notices; the full text can also be found in this Forum thread. IM or email NeoBokrug Elytis with any questions or comments.

Neo has also announced that he’ll be spending the week ahead on new Wastelands game content.  The long-awaited new recipes and items should soon be on the way, so prepare for the next wave of the arms race!  But as you bash each others’ faces in over that uncommon crate, keep in mind that the  Healing Rocks may soon see some changes of their own…

Additionally, Neo will be retooling the salvage spawn system.  While most of the improvements will be behind-the-scenes, he did hint that the new system “[…]will allow [him] to make more games that work with salvage.”   Moreover, he discussed a new item to be found in the spawn: a Land Token, which could either be redeemed for paying a portion of your current tier, used to buy a new chunk of land, or sold to someone else for use on their own land.  There would be one Land Token in the spawn each month, and each token would be redeemable “for a 512, valued around L$6625.”

Tele-hub routing continues to be off at the moment, though the matter is still being considered.   If you’ve seen any positive or negative effects, or if you have an opinion, weigh in on the Forum thread found here.

RP NAME-DROPS: Tensions are rising between the Ghouls of the Black Market and the Manimals of the Paw Tribe.

Meanwhile, Tresha Gothly and Steve Eizenhart have founded the Pure Bloods, a clan that seeks to unite Humans for protection and power.